Are you happy?

A colleague brought the topic of happiness to the table during lunch.
The newspaper stated that morning that 9 out of 10 Dutch people feel happy.
There were exactly 10 of us in the canteen, so she quickly concluded that one of us is unhappy.

We did an around the table.
Everyone confirmed their happiness.

My kids make me happy. (is that why you send them to the baby day care?)
My partner makes me happy 
(is that why you accept every meeting which is held abroad?)
My job makes me happy (you mean, the fact that you can pay your bills at the end of the month?)

This is exactly the kind of fakeness which gives me cramps.
I don’t believe them.
Why is it such a taboo to say that you might not feel happy?


When it was my turn, I said “I can’t really say. Happiness is a snapshot”.

Truth is, I am not where I would like to be in my life.
So do I feel this sense of complete satisfaction?

For now, it is probably the best I can do.
Once I gain my work  and life experience, I will be able to take the next steps.

Most people might say that they are happy in general, but on a day to day basis this might not be the case.

For me, it’s the other way around.
My life has been crappy enough to say that my past hunts me and therefore I am NOT happy.
But, on a day to day basis, small things can me really happy.

A good song on the radio. Seeing a pug. A smile of appreciation from a colleague. A hug from my loved one. Good diner while watching Netflix. A walk on the beach. Hitting 1K subscribers on my blog 😉

What about you?
Do you feel happy in general and sometimes sad on a day to day basis?
Or, like me, unhappy in general, but happy on a day to day basis?

23 thoughts on “Are you happy?

    1. I am glad you admit this.
      And in fact, in this way you are actually happier than all the others. Because you are appreciating the small things so much more than someone who is “already happy”.

      I think people like us are better off in life 🙂

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  1. This is such a timely post for me this week. I feel overwhelmingly sad this week – really very unhappy. I think usually I’m generally happy (not all day every day) but overall happy, content. This week however I’m really struggling to find any happiness.


    1. Ugh! sorry to hear!
      My start of the week of the week was like that and seemed endless. At one point, I had to leave work earlier and cleaned the whole house. It felt like a fresh start.

      It’s almost weekend. Hope that will cheer you up! 🙂

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  2. There’s rarely such a thing as general happiness. It is often elusive and consists of tiny everyday moments, as you mentioned, a tap on the shoulder, a praise for your post, a chat with loved ones, a hug, your kids’s joy, a good movie, a cup of coffee.

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    1. Why do I always seem to involve with people who think what you just said is complete bullshit.

      As I said before, in real life I cannot seem to find “my type of people”. They must be hiding somewhere on wordpress!! 😉

      ps. the weather sucks in HH. Which is great for me 😉

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  3. This one hit home. I’ve been generally sad all week but guilty for feeling so because I really have nothing to actively complain about. Little things can snap me out of it and cheer me up but consistent happiness doesn’t seem like something I’ll ever be able to maintain.

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    1. Likewise!
      People would tell me Im not easy to satisfy. That’s not true at all! I have been just a little unfortunate.
      But one day i am sure we will both find a little more peace with life! 🙂


  4. I have to say, I have NEVER been happier in my life than I am now. I went through SO MUCH CRAP, ups and downs, mental hospitals, alcohol binges, overspending though mania leaving me in MASSIVE debt, and all around years and YEARS of Absolute Bipolar Hell!! But now, the veil has lifted and with the aid of a Miracle Medication, (an older drug named Seroquel), my life changed dramatically for the better. I have to say, I was never a person who believed in medication, (drugs don’t equal happiness, not even by a long shot), BUT having Bipolar 1 has taught me that I NEED something to calm my butt down and give me a clearer head when making life decisions. So yes, today I am unbelievably HAPPY!!!! Almost disgustingly happy too and it makes most people sick, but screw ’em I have earned this!! Great thought provoking post as always Andrea! ❤


    1. Haha.
      First, I am very happy to hear that !
      The reason why I don’t handle other people’s happiness very well is because it’s usually fake.
      But if you come from a situation like yours, I believe every word you say!
      And yes, you have earned it!

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  5. I like how you said “happiness is a snapshot”– it’s very true. It can be a picture of happiness only on the surface and it doesn’t last quite so long. I don’t like people’s obsession with happiness–because it’s not a permanent state of being, and constantly seeking it or judging your own life on it might seem ungrateful or short-sighted. Emotions always fluctuate. It’s also really up to your mindset on whether you’re happy–their main reason shouldn’t be something like children, job, husband, etc. They are factors, but it’s really all up to your mind. People can be in crummy circumstances and merely choose to be happy and so they are.

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    1. Sometimes I look at pictures where I am smiling, looking all happy, but I do know that it was not a good phase for me.
      I am guessing I might have been happy at that exact moment.

      It is also about mindset, I agree.
      I see my mum never really enjoying something, even not when it’s just simple things. Unfortunately, she doesn’t really allow herself to be happy.

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      1. Totally agree and so are our expectations.i don’t think that there is anybody who is in life where they tought they would be back in their youth but that is ok and once you acknowledge that and start appreciating who you are and what you have then is when your “happy days” start .but also nobody is always happy unless is jellyfish 😜

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  6. Great post! I think today a lot of people struggle with the reality that all feelings are temporary – it is completely normal to feel a range of emotions at any one time, and I find it odd that people want to use one, e.g ‘Happy’ to describe where they are in life. In some ways I am incredibly happy – I am in a loving and secure relationship, I am financially comfortable, I have a healthy social life and some amazing friends. But do I wake up every day in a gleeful state? No, of course not. I have fears about my future, a job that is stressful, and some loved ones going through awful things. But that is what makes me appreciate the good things. So many people disregard things that don’t make them happy 100% of the time – constantly changing jobs, ending relationships or cutting friends out because they aren’t ‘perfect’ – and I feel like those people are heading for a life of disappointment! Instead I ask myself, ‘am I unhappy?’ – if something makes me unhappy, it needs to change obviously, but I don’t expect to be in a state of permanent bliss all the time, that just isn’t real!


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