Story behind the design: Unimpressed Jelly

“I have 600 social media contacts (and you don’t even have friends)”.
“The manager only trusted me with this project (so go back to your non-important work)”.
“I had 10 bed partners already by the age of 15 (and you’re still waiting for the “right one at the age 24)”.
“That guy at the bar was totally checking ME out (you’re not even pretty)”.

Statements like these have made me insecure about my existence, more than I’d like to admit.

We all know that people brag to force themselves in to the spotlight.
Or to compromise on something they have failed at.
Or just to make you feel smaller.

I do know this too and I try to remind myself of it constantly.
Yet, when I do get something like this thrown in my face, weakness, jealousy and lack of self confidence is shown all over my appearance.

Part of my Emotion Doodles, I created Unimpressed Jelly.

The face expression shows it all.
He is cool, calm, unaffected, untouched, uninterested and most of all, unimpressed by your lies and bragging.

The most annoying thing for a person who brags is when people don’t respond as expected.
Let’s annoy them! Show them your Jelly face!

Items of Unimpressed Jelly can be purchased from the Doodle store!
P.S. anything can be custom made in your favorite color, text and item!

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