Mental vs. physical illness

I overheard a conversation where two people were discussing what’s worse, mental or physical illness.
“Mental illness, depression,  OCD, biopolar, autism, anxiety,  whatever people call it these days. It’s all a bit of an exaggeration.”, person number 1 stated firmly, “Get up that chair, do some exercise, drink a beer, meet some people!”.
The other nodded, nervously.

In a way I agree a little bit with person number 1.
These days young kids would say they are depressed over a broken 2 weeks relationship.

Those who really suffer from mental illness, will hardly ever make it noticeable.

I never knew my dad suffered from depression until one day the bomb exploded.
I was 7 when he got send to a mental illness institution.
After two months we were allowed to visit him twice a month.
I didn’t recognize the man sitting there as my father.
His weight was less 50 kilo. Probably the only thing he ate were medicines.
He didn’t say much. He didn’t smile or hug me.

All he did was stare at the wall without any face expression.
It took 2 years before he finally could leave that horrible place

I never knew my aunt struggled of the same until one evening she decided to take her own life.
Her 13 year old son found her hanging in the garage the next day.

I have seen physical illness too.
My mum’s body parts are black and blue of 6 times injections of insulin due to diabetes type 1.
She had a hernia operation, twice.
About 4 years ago she was diagnosed with skin cancer too.

A friend of mine was diagnosed with a tumor this year.
Her hair is gone. The hope for a normal future are no longer fearless.

Mental illness will always give physical issues, and vice versa.
In the end, if you struggle with the one, you struggle with the other too.
One is not worse than the other.
Yet, mental illness is not yet completely accepted as something serious.

I am blessed with healthy body, but my mind is mess.
At times I wish I had a horrible disease.
This would explain why I am avoiding certain situations and social activities instead of all the excuses I am making up now to avoid them.

I hope that one day mental issues will no longer be seen as an exaggeration, but we simple can say why we just can’t  to do certain things.

18 thoughts on “Mental vs. physical illness

  1. Oh, don’t wish for it. I’ve been there.
    It’s not like we get to choose.
    I do hope too mental illnesses will be more accepted in the future and that we’ll stop saying things like- I’m depressed- when our cell breaks down.

  2. Sorry to hear that.
    I agree, I shouldn’t. Sometimes I just don’t know what else to give as excuse so I simply hope I break my leg somehow.

  3. I was born with an incurable disease. That was the reason for my kidney disease and transplant + my weak immune system. That was one reason I had to cancel my dream trip to meet my sponsored child in Ecuador. Please don’t wish that on yourself.

  4. I know dear. I don’t judge you. And I’m terribly sorry for what happened to your family. It seems like a terrible burden to carry. So, you’re good. You’re doing good, I mean it.

  5. Mental illness is like everything else, prone to abuse. Genuine sufferers keep it hidden while others exploit it to get attention. If you are depressed you would not share it on social media you would be avoiding everything.

  6. Thanks for linking to this post and giving me the opportunity to read a post I have missed while on a blogging hiatus.
    I knew a little bit about what you described, but not the whole extent.
    It’s a tricky topic for sure. There are people very sick (physically, or mentally), who just take it in stride (or are just better at hiding it), while others, who have the smallest thing wrong with them make it sound like it’s the end of the world. It really is a personal thing. We all have different pain thresholds.

  7. This is one of the more meaningful posts to me. Thanks for reading!

    I must say that if I look at my dad and aunt, who’s depression was severe, I feel silly. My issues are by far not what they had to go through.
    But then I look at people who are depressed over a heart break and I roll my eyes.

    But even celebrities. I think you wrote about AVICI once?
    He suicide because of what exactly?
    Too much money?
    Because he was retired before his 30’s?
    Pressure, I get it, but financially he was safe. He didn’t need to work!

    But here is me judging again.

  8. Perspective is definitely important.
    We are allowed to be upset about our situation (and not be happy no matter what because some people have it worse), but at the same time, knowing that others have it worse should make us feel better. No? I know it’s twisted.

    That was exactly my argument. Of course, I do not know his background (maybe he was beaten and sexually abused every day), but it just makes me wonder how much “worse” he had it than some of the others I know.

    We all judge.

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