Remember when you called us nerds?

As I have confirmed before, “what ever you are doing, you’re doing it wrong”.

If you are not trying to do good at school, you are ruining your changes for an easier future.
If you are doing good at school, there is a high possibility you will be bullied.

Smart people are often portrayed  with large glasses, crazy teeth and weird hair.
They’re called:


They don’t have social skills, whatsoever.
(Strange huh? Avoiding human contact while being bullied)

I was never particularly smart, neither I wore glasses, but I did have a great passion for mathematics in high school.
My teacher noticed and acknowledged my hard work. He didn’t mind sitting with me and other students from other years with the same interest and teach how to solve more advanced mathematical problems.

This gave my classmates every reason to start bullying me even harder.
Slut, even though they concluded I would never have sex because all I cared for were books.

Nowadays, I sometimes look on their social media pages out of curiosity.
(And to make sure I am doing better in life than they 😉 )

I see them wearing large, fake glasses.
Because they want to look smart? Because out of the sudden it is cool?

One posted yesterday “RIP Stephen Hawking. We will miss your beautiful brain”.

Oh you fake, fake woman.
Don’t you remember how you used to call me nerd?
Stop pretending.

23 thoughts on “Remember when you called us nerds?

  1. Sorry. I couldn’t resist. The title…. could or called? 🤣🤣😅
    I stopped letting other people have control of my internal world a long time ago

  2. Sorry. My sense of humour demanded it. Definitely wasn’t having a go at you at all 😄😄

  3. Spot on! I hate bullies. I wonder what would have happened if we had challenged them? I never did. I just used to be the perfect victim and cry a lot. What a waste. I wonder if when they called you nerd, you just turned round and said, “Nurd? No, you’re just really thick.” I just can’t tolerate bullies! Great post … thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the post Andrea,and the comment is coming from a once child with the patch on one eye😉
    I have always been academical but also very social,may be I was in the right group.we were proud of our grades.
    To my girls I always remind that it’s far better the weird one then the mean one……..those are going nowhere,but there is one thing that sometimes bothers me the fact that some people tend to undervalue you only because you are well polished.Not all nerds look like a “nerd”…….stupid superficial people instead…..are easily recognizable ,unless you are one of them🤣😉have a good day dear

  5. Kids are so cruel. I got called Elsie the cow, 4 eyes, etc and now when these people see me at the store, they want to hug me and see what I’m up to in life. I just want to smack them! I am with you!

  6. Thank you so much Andrea for writing about bullying. When I was at school I was bullied for being nerd and not doing things which “teenage girls” would do. I don’t know why but we cannot simply accept individuality. Why do we all have to be the same?

  7. Great post!! Isn’t it funny how they WISHED they could be as smart as us nerds now?? Yeah, stop pretending, ABSOLUTELY!! PREACH IT GIRL!! Nerd powers activate and unite! ❤

  8. I think anyone who hates on anyone for being something that’s fine or even good and trying to portray it as something bad is obviously going through personal things and should worry about themselves.

  9. Im a teacher and I see it every day. The people that do the bullying are either very insecure or enjoy causing misery. I tell the student I am proud I was a nerd as it got me into teaching. I am proud to be different and set the trend, e.g. i loved marvel before it was cool. 😂😂

  10. That is sooo cool that you tell the kids that!! I think too many parents want their child to just fit in, so they might not encourage their child to fo what is most comfortable for them.
    But if a teacher can be that role model, that’s just awesome 🙂

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