Does a mirror really reflects reality?

“Objects in mirror are closer than they might appear”.


I know this.
Yet, parking my car makes me very frustrated and nervous.

Yesterday, it took me 15 minutes to properly park my car.
A man walking his dog even stood still and for some time, laughing and watching me struggle.
The pressure!

I didn’t dare going in reverse mode anymore. I felt like I was super close to the car behind me.
I got out and saw there was quite some space left.
Yet, I was scared to do so.

“Stupid mirror!” , I shouted.
Why is it even there if it can’t even show me reality?!

But mirrors hardly ever do, do they?

We step into an elevator and the first thing we see is our Monday morning face.
The bad hair day.
The pregnant look after a weekend of eating outdoors.
We can’t avoid it in the bathroom.
Or on a sunny day, our reflection while watching television while eating a bag of crisps.
When we pass by a mirror in the gym, looking all sweaty and exhausted.

Mirrors can make us insecure.
Or, in some case, vain.

A mirror is a good tool as well as a large confrontation.
Important thing to remember, just like as the car mirror, they don’t always show reality.

8 thoughts on “Does a mirror really reflects reality?

  1. And don’t forget the mirrors in the changing room where you always look good and slim in “that outfit “ you are trying on except for then your home mirror showing a totally different image 🤣

  2. Ugh yes! The absolute worse!
    Or the opposite, terrible lighting and way too small dressing rooms so you appear like a freaking GIANT! 😉

  3. ohh how I understand you! Last week when I was parking my car, a man started to give me directions (I didn’t asked and more important, I didn’t need them) and then when I got out of the car, he told me ‘I thought you didnt make it without my help’! I was shocked! He didn’t helped me, he just added more pressure! I think he thought that because I was a young woman I need his help (or just because I’m a woman) 😦

  4. Some people 🙄 Mirrors suck. If I didn’t have to use one to “make myself presentable” (as my mother would say), I wouldn’t own one. And parking, everyone has a hard time at one point or another with parking so that was totally rude!

  5. Some people like to see other struggle.
    The new car I ordered is only with a camera, so that will be easier.

    I agree about the mirror. I wish there were at least less of them so you don’t constantly have to confronted 😉

  6. Brilliant! I know just how you feel! I don’t like my husbands car … it’s too big. I just can’t park it. I’d like a little old banger that doesn’t mind if I hit the curb. A little car that can just slot easily into the tiny parking spaces in the supermarket so that I can still actually get the car door open. Ooooh yes, I think I want a little car and maybe one that parks itself.

  7. Haha, amazing post Andrea!! God, you know I have been so accustomed to my driveway in recent years, that when I tried to parallel park a few months ago, I totally wrecked my brain doing it! It was such a nightmare! But what a wonderful story you tell about “us” and what happens when “we” see ourselves in a mirror. I have to be honest when I say I had a HORRIBLE relationship with my reflection for SO many years of my life. Let me tell you girl, I used to just stare at the mirror and HATE myself SO much for being so ugly that I would just stand there and BAWL in sadness and tears at how horrible I looked. It was a really rough time for me, but I have evolved so far past that now, that I am smiling at that same reflection now! (By the way, I was skinny and gorgeous when I used to cry at my reflection, so its ironic that I am much older and fatter and finding myself so damn beautiful these days!). Again magnificent post!! ❤

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