Are you a minimalist?

What does it mean when someone from a first world country proudly says “I am a minimalist”?

Does it mean they have no car. Or they do, but it’s not a Porsche, BWM or Mercedes.
Does it mean they only drink water. Or they did drink a no brand cola.
Does it mean they have no phone at all. Or they just don’t have an iphone.

I often “argue” with my people that minimalists don’t exist in more developed countries.
We are used to modern technology and better quality.

Someone I know, recently said “Money isn’t really important. All that matter in life, is love”.
I probably should mention that the love of his life lives on the other side of the world and every now and then he’d buy a super expensive ticket to see her.
I raised a skeptical eyebrow towards him.


“But in my defense” , he continued, “I live in a small apartment and I drive a cheap, old car”.
There was no point in involving myself in any further arguments with him.

He doesn’t like me much because he thinks I am spoiled.
He once came to the conclusion that my parents are super rich because I finished my education without debts
(ABSOLUTELY ANYONE can do the same in Holland – thank you, social system).

In my opinion:
If you are 30+ and you still haven’t lived on your own, you probably just don’t how to take care of yourself.
And about the car, hardly anyone ever buys a brand new car.
(And FYI a-hole, the first driving license someone ever owned in my family, was me, at the age of 24) 

I can’t blame this person though, more people have told me I seem a bit spoiled.
Because I am spending money I have earned myself?

I won’t deny it, I am not a minimalist.
But I do have very limited interested, so I am not spending money on too many things.

What about you, do you consider yourself a minimalist?
Do you think it’s even possible in the current modern world? 

22 thoughts on “Are you a minimalist?

  1. I used to hoard … not in a newspapers and rubbish bags up to the front door sort of way, but I certainly was unable to make a decision as to whether or not to keep something or bin it. So I kept it all. Until I met my husband and he has reformed me! Together we sorted out my life and now I’m in bliss …. everything is simple, I have beautiful, sentimental and useful things around me and everything else has gone. My drawers and cupboards are tidy and I can find things when I need them. As a result I’m more organised, tidy and have been able to just get on with my life. I don’t know if this makes me a minimalist but whatever it is, it’s great! Loved your post … thanks

  2. That’s another type of minimalism I haven’t really thought of to be honest.
    I have similar story to you. Only, I reformed myself 😉
    I actually had to reform my boyfriend. He didn’t throw away anything!

    I too like things to be clean without much stuff to deal with 🙂

  3. To me a minimalist is someone who only has things they love/need. I think there are all sorts of definitions. True, in another country I would not be a minimalist, but for where I live, I live minimally. I don’t buy things unnecessarily, I carefully weigh every purchase, I don’t like gifts. My goal is to reduce the amount of things I own. But no….I’m not Gandhi…..

  4. For most part I feel like I am. I have one of the everything for essentials, including toiletries and make up. I like minimal furniture and open spaces. With clothes, I can get a bit not-so-minimal, but every year I donate all my clothes that I haven’t worn in the last 2 years. I feel the more stuff you own the more that stuff owns you in terms of taking care of it?:) I like having more time to be instead of taking care of things I don’t even need in the first place!:)

  5. Just to be clear, doesn’t mean I don’t splurge once in a while. Living int he developed world, it is pretty inevitable. Also, I’m not sure I would consider you spoiled Andrea, for spending money you earned your self:) You keep doing you!XX

  6. I think there are different definitions of minimalism 🙂
    But I am pretty much like you. I like my clothes and a few make products too!

    I think most people think I am spoiled because I don’t walk into fastfood or cheaper restaurants. Not only because of the food, but also because I doubt the hygiene.
    Also I like nice hotels instead of a hostel.

    My parents never really had money for any kind of luxury, so now that I am doing ok for myself, I sometimes like to treat myself too 😉

    ps. the donating of clothes is a wonderful idea! 🙂

  7. Agree. Less to clean too haha.
    There is so many things I would like to throw away in our apartment, because it’s never ever used.

  8. That’s an interesting statement about gifts.
    I am always said and thought that, but then, when I don’t get anything for my birthday, I am little bumped.

  9. Wow, I am the same way!! I can count the number of times in my hands I have been to a fast food restaurant in the last ..13 years! Hygiene is a good point, but for me it’s just the chemicals in the fast foods that most people don’t know about.
    Going on a tangent- did a sugar free series this month. You might want to check it out!:)
    Also, no hostels for me, prefer clean hotel rooms. I like little luxuries here and there too but doesn’t really mean I forget about donations (cash or clothes).
    But, for most part, I do what I have to or want to do & occasionally treat myself!;)

  10. I suppose being a minimalist is not that and once you are,because is simply the way you are you won’t even say it as it’s natural right?😉

  11. Here’s my quick theory on gifts…the giver gives what they want the person to have, not what that person wants.

  12. I’m not a minimalist but I’d love to try. To where to start and how is my problem. lol. I still have things/clothes I don’t want to throw/donate too. I just watched the Minimalism documentary on Netflix last night and their minimalist life really intrigued me that I couldn’t stop talking about it with my boyfriend, that if we could try it in our future home. 😀

  13. Oh I love this topic. I describe myself as a crunchy, now-hippie minimalist. I have been for about twenty years now. Of course everyone describes it differently and I have lived various aspects of it. My big thing is that I hate waste. Wasting time, money, resources, energy. So, I live what makes me happy. For years I lived car-free. I now live in rural Alaska again and a vehicle, for me, is a necessity. But I rarely drive it. I go into town once maybe twice a month. I have lived in tents twice (one year each time), a 9×22’ cabin with three people. But now 20×24’ with four people. I have lived with and without electricity. I prefer without but currently live with. I haven’t bought new clothes for twelve years, except socks and underwear. I reuse lots of stuff. I make my own food. Just got done making jam in fact about an hour ago. Tomorrow I’m butchering a moose that was harvested this morning. I use cloth toilet paper and “paper towels”. I use natural cleaners, mostly baking soda and vinegar type stuff. I make my purchases count which means I don’t buy garbage food or products. That doesn’t mean I buy the most expensive, but does mean as much as possible I let my money go to companies that I trust and respect. It’s not entirely possible for me, but I do the best I can. I rarely turn on lights. I keep the heat set lower, but not uncomfortable. I’ll wear clothes more than once if I can, but I’m not weird about it. I do in fact have a smartphone nowadays. I got my first one three years ago. I’m still using that same phone. I live were only so many people can have the internet so you get on a waiting list. So without my phone I wouldn’t have internet…. which is how I do business so I choose to require it. I don’t have TV (not my form of entertainment). I live a very quiet, slow, life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, of course some things are extravagant when considering other parts of the world. I have chocolate in my home. And coffee. I have a couch and a table and beds. I can turn on a light when I want to and I have four plates and two glasses and two mugs and four sets of silverware. And I have tools that make my lifestyle easier. Like a grill (I grill 4 Days a week all year long) and a grinder and a coffee grinder. So it’s all relative. I love the way I live but I definitely don’t begrudge anyone who chooses not to. It takes all kinds of people to make this world go ‘round. Great topic, thanks for asking 😉

  14. Oh my! This is a whole other type of minimalism!
    I feel like a total princess when reading your story.
    But I do think you might have less stress than someone living a “regular” life. At least more freedom and probably that kind of mindset.

    I am very impressed by your story! 🙂

  15. Thanks Andrea. As my good friend likes to point out… there’s a reason why I’m single lol. Not everyone would want to live this way. I do have very little stress, compared to so many others. It’s one reason I choose to live this lifestyle.

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