Be careful what you work hard for, cause you just might get it

That’s not the actual phrase, is it?
But what does “wishing” even mean? Did it actually ever get you anywhere?

I do believe fate can help out a bit sometimes.
But if you are impatient like me, I suggest you stop the “sitting waiting wishing” and actually take some action.

When I started the job, a colleague told me about his career path.
He didn’t have a high education, so he started on lower level.
A few years past by. He worked hard.
He took the changes to climb up the ladder and ended up in job with manager’s responsibilities.
“But last year I took a step back”, he said.
He laughed at my surprised and confused look.
“I know what you think, why would you ever do that. But I am a technical dude, not a manager”, he explained.

It still didn’t make sense to me.
Having manager responsibilities, how cool is that!
In the past few years I have worked hard for my career, absorbed all the doubts and insults of others and as per today, I actually am team lead for a 2 people.
Go me!

It hit me in the past few weeks the most.
Manager’s meeting, salary discussions, develop a year plan.
And obviously people are judging whether a 27 year old could handle this.
And there are the team buildings where personality tests are required.

I was starting to feel nervous whether I would have the time to work on the technical stuff.
Each time I try start to work on something I actually like, I get interrupted with some sort of admin task.

It felt heavy on my heart and I took a step which usually I wouldn’t.
I felt brave stepping into my manager’s office and telling him what’s been on my mind lately.
He seemed surprised, like I was with that colleague in the start.
Yet, he was understanding and thought it was cool that I choose something technical above manager’s responsibility.

I worked hard. I got what I wanted.
But maybe I wasn’t careful enough.

Have you experienced something like this?

12 thoughts on “Be careful what you work hard for, cause you just might get it

  1. I have never been interested in promotion beyond my current level as the labwork to bullsh*t ratio becomes unfavourable even if the money is (marginally) better. So I totally get what you mean. I did not go into science to manage people and budgets.


    1. I wish this was a promotion, but apparently it was all along in my job title. They have just never told me 😉

      At first I was happy, but now I realised this is not me. I am far far away from from happy.
      At least I have learned now 🙂

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  2. It’s really all part of the experience, because you never reeeeally know until you know, you know what I mean? Life is a process of trial-and-error so I think it makes sense 🙂 It’s just scary to think of all the time and energy invested in the wrong thing, though… 😦

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