Story behind the design: Skeptical Valentino

I was raised up by skeptical parents.

“It’s probably too good to be true”, was their usual reaction.

When I would get back with a good grade from school.
Internet banking.
When I introduced them to Netflix.

After so many years, they finally had the courage to book an all inclusive vacation.
Which is perfect for an older couple. They just never trusted it.

So, little me grew up with a skeptical heart, which I still practice in my daily live.

People are never suddenly nice without a good reason.
People are never suddenly interested in you without a good reason.
People would never ask you what you think of someone without a good reason.

I hardly ever trust people.

I don’t believe their constant positivism.
I don’t believe their constant complaints either.
I don’t believe when they say don’t work out, meanwhile being skinny.
I don’t believe when people try to sell me something with  “it’s a good deal”.
I don’t believe when a manager would tell me I will surely get a salary increase, next year.
I don’t believe when they tell me it’s OK to be myself.

The first design I ever made, was Skeptical Valentino.
My little Skeptical heart, which reflects so much to my personality.


9 thoughts on “Story behind the design: Skeptical Valentino

  1. One of the great theological doctrines out there in the church is that every believer is 100% sinner while simultaneously being 100% saint.
    The sinner part is what makes us skeptics. We know we can’t even trust our own hearts at times, We want to do one thing, we do the opposite. We don’t want to do this thing (say because it is too self-serving) and we do it anyway.
    Because we don’t trust ourselves, we struggle to trust others, because we know their hearts are also messed up. So even if they try to be interested, maybe there is something in their subconscious that will betray and hurt us.
    The other part of the equation is the God part, the part where we are 100% saint. That He will use all things for good that we and people do for good. All things. Even the things we can’t imagine, even the pains and hurts. somehow miraculously, He makes them good when He cleans us up,
    All this theology leads me to an interesting issue. I can choose to trust people and be hurt, or not trust them and miss out…or I can do the third option. I can trust God to make it all work out.
    Tough challenge, I am getting better at option 3… slowly

  2. The things our parents pass on to us…I was raised by an anxious mother. Guess who struggles with anxiety? 🙋🏽‍♀️ lol. Your description of your parents kinda reminded me of her. I like the design!

  3. It runs in the family. We eat a lot but eat a healthy diet. Nb really does any sport, like for real, but we love walking a lot. But, I’d say good genetics is the key.
    We had a guest last year, my hub’s cousin. She was frustrated. Calls her mom to say: they’re fucking irritating, eating all the time, and nothing, I mean nothing sticks to them.

  4. This is making me laugh out loud. But I won’t write LOL for that. I’m skeptical of slang and group speak. I bet people who write LOL aren’t actually laughing.

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