The child in me

When we got a house in the Netherlands, the family who lived  there before, left a large bag with stuffed animals.
Anything from a blue teddy bear and purple elephant to a pink mouse and a green snake.
I loved them all.

All the toys got names and birthdays several times a year.
I was busy organizing parties each weekend.
During the week, we had tea and I would read them a bedtime story every evening.
We had so much fun.

I felt the happiest living in my own fantasy world.

This did got interrupted by two things.

First fact is that I didn’t have a standard childhood.
Even though we were in a save country, the war had damaged my family a lot.
Both my parents got ill and I had to act like an adult a lot earlier than I wanted to.

The second fact, however, bothered me more.
When I did get the chance to be with my stuffed buddies, people would watch me.
Not play with me, which I would ask for.
No, just stand there and watch me being cute.
I became uncomfortable and shy.

I grew into more serious hobbies.
Reading, television, chess.

I became an adult to soon and clearly, even at this age, the child in me wants to get out.

Souvenir and gifts shops are a dangerous place for my wallet 😉
I simply cannot resist their cuteness.
Jasper, who always intends to be the “manly man”, also developed a weakness for them.

That’s why, this happened 😉



How do you show the child in you?

13 thoughts on “The child in me

  1. He will surely appreciate when he is older or now!
    I just liked being on my own when I was young. But if he didn’t mind, then it’s all good 🙂

  2. My childhood toys have such a sentimental value… It was hard to part with a lot of them. I think when I am truly myself. Comfortable. Among the few people who “get me”, then I can be very silly. That’s how I keep the child awake.

  3. Haha it’s important to let the child in you out sometimes 🙂 even though it’s hard because we are naturally inclined to build a protective sphere around our inner child it is perhaps because he is our deepest and truest self that we protect him so. 🙂

  4. I am actually not an only child, but my sister and I are completely different from each other. She never shared much interest in playing with me

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