Back in 2017 when I was very unhappy in my previous job, I saw this amazing job opportunity out of the sudden.
Everything I was good at and felt motivated for: Training. Wind Power. International. Danish company.
Hubba Hubba.

I wrote the perfect CV and application letter and waited patiently for a confirmation for a job interview.
And indeed, the female manager called me up to hear more about my background.
Also from her side it seemed like a perfect fit.
She said she would call me back in the next two weeks with a finale answer.

Unfortunately, two weeks later, the answer was no.
The manager explained me that they found someone with just a little more experience.

Today’s day, a few months later, I work for the same company where I applied for back in that time.
In fact, I met the man who “stole” my job.
He, indeed, was experienced and super friendly.
Since we had a nice talk, I decided to tell him my story.
He laughed “I actually applied for the job tittle you have, but then they said this job was probably better for me”.

Experience has everything to do because you got certain chances in life.
Not getting these chances doesn’t mean you aren’t good at something.

Your mum might not be a professional cook, but nothing beats her apple pie.
Your dad might not be a professional handy man, but he makes sure you bike is fixed within a second.
You might not have studied writing, but here you are, doing a great job with your blogs!

Young people are forced into choosing an education which they have to perform for the rest of their lives.
But how are 17 year old’s supposed to know what they want? What they are good at?

People make career switches which seem to be crazy.
We judge them.
Yet, society has never given them the chance to work in a field they’re actually good in.

I am in the phase where I am trying to explore my talents. And with that, show off a little bit 😉
At the gym, I like people to show how (surprisingly) flexible I am.
My Instagram is full of pictures with my T-shirt designs.
I sing along with all the songs to impress people with how quickly I learn lyrics.
I keep on writing my posts here in wordpress.

Mainly because I like these things.
But also to get a little recognition.
And maybe one day someone recognizes a new talent and I can finally do something which makes me really happy, along with financially stable 😉

3 thoughts on “Talents

  1. You should do what makes you happy.
    I know being pushed into going to college and getting into school loan debt did nothing for me at this point in my life.
    You are very talented at the drawings and writing!


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