Valentines day, 2013.
I was a loner-loser who couldn’t even get pass 1 freaking date.
At that point I already lowered my standards to “it’s OK that he doesn’t have a job, does have a huge dept and all he does is gaming”.
I desperately wanted that special person in my life.
My neighbor, who had the equal bad luck as I had, proposed to just go to the city and maybe we will magically meet someone.
So there we were, 8pm on a Valentines day watching “A good day to die hard”.
We were the only people in the room.

Needles to say, I have always been skeptical about Valentines day.
Or love in general.
Not only for me.
Around me I saw people switching partners like it were pokemon cards.
I didn’t have the energy to do the First Date thing every month again and again!

With the way it is commercialized nowadays, Valentines day is a huge reminder for love. Each and every 14th of February my mum would ask “How come you haven’t found yourself a man?”
And with “man”, she actually meant “husband”.
It was a very sad day for me.

They say “love comes when you least expect it”.
That wasn’t true for me.
I had Jasper on my radar for quite a while and tried all my  amazing *ahum* flirting skills  on him.
He honestly never noticed it since his dating portfolio wasn’t huge either.
Luckily, on my 15th billion attempt, we stayed together ever since that first date.

For those who feel extra lonely on today’s day, you probably won’t believe me when I say “it will come”.
But don’t just sit around and expect it to happen out of the blue.

“Confidence is sexy”, they say.
Trust me, your clumsiness and humbleness is way more adorable.
Don’t be afraid to smile or talk to person you like.

And if you really struggle with a topic, may I suggest you send them the link to my Skeptical Valentino design 😉
(Bit of self promotion here!)


























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