What’s on my phone

I remember when we got our first family mobile phone, which of course was a NOKIA 3310, my dad said “one day, you will be able to do everything with this thing”.

It will replace the game boy, radio,  television, computer, camera.


And here we are, at that exact era.

I only ever had a company smart phone, but I’d lie if I said that I only use it for work purposes.

What’s the first app you open when you wake up?
Which one do you use most often?

I actually think my answer for both has been WordPress since August 2017!

I like to check out cute pugs on Instagram when I am feeling sad.
I play chess with a random people all over the world.
I use a coloring app to color my drawings.
I use TripAdvisor to check out the best restaurants.
Spotify is on at least 40 % of the day.

The app I fear the most is probably my bank account app 😉

The app that annoys me the most is my work email.
I check it at work, in the toilet, during the night, in the weekend and even when during romantic moments if I hearing beeping.

It pretty much controls my life.
Even though I keep telling myself work is NOT the most important thing in my life.

There is always fear that  I’m missing out on something or an awful email from a colleague with manager in the CC during the weekend.
The latter has happened before. Multiple times.
You are helpless. And the mean colleague knows it.
And he is probably laughing about the fact that he knows that he has ruined your days off.

Despite fear of this, I also make sure my phone also reminds me of the nice moments.

That’s why I set the first thing I see on phone, my home and lock screen, are those that make me smile.
The ACTUAL most important things in my life.

IMG_2482[1].PNG     IMG_2491[1].PNG

The first is of course Jasper and me.
The second is my favorite fish from our fish tank which brings me as much joy someone’s dog or cat.  🙂

Do you try to keep your phone organised? Do you keep all apps, even when you don’t use them?
Which app do you fear the most? 

28 thoughts on “What’s on my phone

  1. Ah yes… smart phones are so convenient… and so disruptive all at the same time.
    I don’t fear an app so much as the main function of the smart phone which is… receiving phone calls hah I’m just like WHO ARE YOU if I don’t know the number or WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME if I do know the number.
    I have a bunch of apps I don’t always use, and those are games that I feel like I might turn to if I’m ever bored but for the most part are just chilling in there not being used until I stumble across it again, get obsessed for a few days, then get tired of it…
    The most convenient factor is the GPS for sure and the fact that I can look for directions wherever I am since I’m not so great with that. My concern is I’ll never get good at it because I’ll be able to rely on my phone all the time.


      1. oh my god today I got a call from an unknown number so I ignored it but it turned out to be an important call xD haha still figuring life out I guess


    1. They still exist?!
      So cool!

      Yeah I really like the fish. I only found out recently about his actual name!
      We named him after an electrical component; a very fast switching device. Because he often swims very fast from left to right 😀


      1. Indeed. Quite a museum piece😄

        She still has not gone for a smartphone though.

        Kuhli loach if I recall? Mine used to bury themselves in the gravel and rarely emerge.😄


      2. Ha exactly!

        Kulhi Loach indeed.
        I actually read on the internet that if they are in a group of 6 , they become sociable.
        So bought 10 😀
        They are always there on the front.

        Check out the video I made of him where he is eating :

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  2. Turn the beeping off for your email – it’s so unhealthy to check it all the time especially when you’re not at work.

    I like to keep my apps organised. I have folders set up to group similar apps together. I hate a cluttered phone screen it makes my head hurt!

    I probably use WordPress, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook the most – certainly daily!

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  3. I love both pictures! WordPress is my first and last app of each day. I play words with friends WAY too much, and of course Spotify! I can’t workout without that!
    Everything I have is grouped other than the ones I use most, like the WP and MLB (major league baseball) apps. Thankfully I don’t get a ton of email. I do get a ton of calls though. Since my clients are elderly, they don’t text, they call!


  4. Nice read. Yeah, I keep all of them… a day, I think will come when I’ll organize it all…and I am afraid of my bank app as well…:)


  5. Its such an interesting topic. I am an old soul therefore I am not very fascinated by smart phones. But I use them because they are necessary in the present world. Being reachable to people all the time is a bit scary for me. There are moments when you don’t want to be disturbed and there comes the sound of a beep.


    1. This is so great to hear!
      If we could go back to the time where smart phone were not invented, I definitely would!
      People nowadays expect you to be online, and therefore available, all the time!
      Also, privacy is not existing anymore.
      You are right, it is a bit scary!

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