Do you feel embarrassed of your music taste?

The colleague sitting next to my office at work likes to play his music quite loudly throughout the building.
Usually this would annoy me, but it doesn’t.

“Hey, I have brought a new CD”, he told me the other day, “but I’m not sure if you will like it”.
Hell yeah! I love Johnny Cash!
He grinned. “Despite our age difference, we do have the same music taste”.
“I thought you were 27 too”,
I winked.

I grew up with the music taste of my parents, which was partly former Yugoslavian folk songs but mainly the “oldie goldies”.
Jasper and I collect LPs.
Weekends are filled with taking it easy and listening to our favorite music.
Anything from the Beatles, MJ, REM, Queen, the Police, CCR to the Beegees.

Apparently it’s appreciated that I have an old soul when it comes to music taste (and many other things actually ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Yet, when I am alone, I love listening to the guilty pleasures.
My youth was during the 90’s and 00’s.
During my commute to work my spotify would loudly play anything from Backstreet Boys to N*sync.

I’m also very fond of “cultural music”: Eastern European funk, Jolly Irish pub songs, Latin and Bollywood music.

Despite the fact that it’s often said that Dutch people are culturally very open minded, I have experienced the opposite.
You might have noticed it; people are very resistant to music if they don’t understand the language.
Like lyrics are usually very deep.


I can handle criticism, but I am done with people calling me weird.
So this music taste I don’t even try sharing with people anymore.
They have made me come to the point that I actually do feel a bit embarrassed of it.

But in all honesty, I am not always open myself for other people’s music tastes either.

Music is supposed to make you feel good, create memories and sometimes it can be even healing.
Unfortunately, you cannot always experience these moments together.

How do you feel about sharing your music taste?
Do you sometimes feel embarrassed?

34 thoughts on “Do you feel embarrassed of your music taste?

  1. Music is like most things in life truly all in a person’s perception of what it means to them. The old saying, “He dances to a different drummer,” is always considered a good thing in my book. I do love classic rock. I also love Christian, Country, Classical, Rap and Love songs. I do prefer different artists in each of these categories. Opera and Orchestra even have their place to touch my heart. What would the world be like without music? It is as varied as personalities. Thanks for this posts and making me think and appreciate what my personal interest in music mean to me.

  2. Your collection looks eerily similar to mine. Great minds think alike Andrea.

    Music is a very personal thing for me and it is something I am quite sensitive about and actually feel quite hurt and defensive if someone criticises music i like.

    I never understand why people have to be dismissive anyway. Why say that something is โ€˜crapโ€™ when they can simply say it is not to their taste?

  3. I’m just this kinda guy, figured out am in love with music made long before I was even born; LOL, funny but it’s true, I love music with meaningful themes, not just meaningless noises made in most modern trash sound waves

  4. So I do. Music is part of my happiness.
    Some people are just terrible mean and want to hurt someone.

    I always fear the moment when someone asks me if they can drive with me to somewhere. That means that I simply put no music on because getting hurt is worse than awkward silence.

  5. That is a large variety! I am happy to see you are open for so many styles!
    Some artists can get a little crazy, but as long as they produce music, I am happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the comment!!

  6. Absolutely. I don’t even put music on when my wife is in the house as she does not share my tastes at all and I feel defensive if she comments on it.
    I am more eckectic than she is and will usually go to folk concerts with her but she never goes to rock gigs with me and I am not sure I would want her to.

  7. I don’t feel embarrassed of my music taste as everyone has their own taste so I don’t see any reason to be self-conscious about it.

    I generally prefer classical music and old songs though I can also like some contemporary music as long as they sound good to me.

  8. Iโ€™m the same way. I like my 60โ€™s, 70โ€™s, and 80โ€™s music and I also listen to 90โ€™s and even todayโ€™s music (thanks to having a kid I kind of had no choice). When Iโ€™m working out, I will be seen mouthing the words to80โ€™s dance hits to keep me going. I donโ€™t care anymore what people think because music is what I like and if someone else doesnโ€™t like it, my opinion is, donโ€™t listen in then! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Ha yeah. I feel like someone is in my house or my car, I decide what we listen to. If you can be the boss of your own life, then who should! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Another obsticle within relationship! Luckily Jasper and I have some similarities, but on roadtrips where we spend 6 hours in a car per day, it can get tricky! We both have to compramise!

  11. Yeah I’m amused by snobs when it comes to tastes in things like music or movies. Like, yeah, go have fun with your Oscars while I rewatch Mean Girls for like the 100th time. I honestly don’t listen to lyrics much when I listen to music, despite being a “writer” and all, so the language difference doesn’t particularly bother me either. I appreciate most languages. I find them all beautiful in their own way.
    It’s great, by the way, that you enjoy your co-worker’s music! In my old office, I used to have fun DJ-ing for the other writers. I loved it. It was fun and I’d take requests.

  12. I have seen Mean Girls probably a 100 times too! No shame ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’ช

    Sometimes I hear โ€œforeign songsโ€ translated in English and it sounds so much better in the original language! Haha

  13. A great observation. Sometimes i still get embarassed, it was a lot worse when I was younger – as you get a bit older you really start to care less. If it makes you happy then listen to whatever the hell you want!

    Another great post! I’m binge reading – sorry!

  14. thanks for all your comments! I hope you enjoy my posts ๐Ÿ˜€

    It’s true, when you grow older, it becomes less and less important of what people say ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. yesss translation is so tricky like that! haha mean girls fans unite xD I want to be like, “It’s so well written, though! It should have won best screenwriting!”

  16. I am working on this project now where you get to know people five songs at a time. I hope someone does a list of guilty pleasures, those are just as an important get to know you tool. I have never been embarrassed by my taste in music, even when I was a goth girl in a country town.

  17. Oh that is very interesting!
    I used to do thing where each morning I would close my eyes and scroll through my songs and randomly stop.
    This song would symbolize my day.
    I haven’t done it in a while, but your comment just made me do it.

    I got:
    Does your mother know – ABBA
    Do what lovers do – Maroon 5

    I don’t think my mum even wants know what I do with my lover, haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I will follow you!

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