I’m 13 and I know a lot more than you think

Do you have a role model?
Your parents, Bill gates, the “business woman of the year”?

If you ask teenage girls, there is a high chance they’d refer to an artist.
They make funky music, hair is always on fleek and they wear the perfect clothes to show their “perfect” body.

Recently I involved myself in an Instagram argument with a young girl about a picture of a certain girl band.

The conversation went something like this :

SHE: The fact that they are showing off their body means they are GROWN UP

Me: That’s not the exactly the definition of an adult 😉
But you’re probably too young to know.



Statements like these give me the creeps.

It also brought me back to one of the reasons why bullying in high school started.
One day one of my pervert classmates (female!!!!!!!) asked me if I knew what “Horny” means.
My face turning red gave clearly away that I really didn’t.

And how on earth could I know?
This is nothing something I’d discuss with my conservative parents.
There was no proper internet at that time, certainly not smart phones.
I wonder how they even found out.

There is nothing wrong with feeling confident physically and sexually above a certain age.
On the contrary, you should.
But do keep it classy, people!
Classy, sophisticated and safe.

Certainly don’t throw in phrases like “I’m 13 and I know a lot more than you think” .

That’s not something to be proud of.

Shame on you girl.
Shame on your parents.
Shame on that (and many other) artist for provoking such
And sometimes just, Shame on the entire freaking world.

16 thoughts on “I’m 13 and I know a lot more than you think

  1. Great post.
    Kids are the least to blame. It’s TV, look at the so-called music artists of today. They are practically naked and the language they use is a far cry from making a good role model.

  2. Agree but also parents sometimes are to blame….None-less I feel so depressed when talking with some young kids……only good side is that it makes me work even harder on my daughters values and perceptions life and success.

  3. I agree!
    I quite like the pop songs I have to agree, but I try to ignore the words and video’s.
    I don’t understand how parents and teachers don’t see it or choose to ignore it.

  4. I love this post! I agree with everything that you wrote! I see my nephew do (and know) things with 14 years that I would imagine when I had that age (I was probably playing with Barbies xD)! I blame the technology and the principles that people lost along the years. As I said (sometimes joking and others not so much) ‘The future is lost’

  5. You are right far too often I hear blaming society and school but family…..where is it in all this?School is supposed to educate ur kids not raising them for u right?

  6. I know right!
    Parents put their kids in front the TV because they don’t have time for them and they see all the trash.
    I’m afraid it’s true, The future is kinda lost 😦

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