Focusing on the bigger picture

Being the newest addition to a work place is never easy.
Especially if you’re young, shy and not from the same area as they are.
Sometimes you might get forgotten.

That happened yesterday to me.
Usually once a month the “Management Team” is invited for a whole day meeting and dinner the evening before.
For the meeting, preparation was expected from me.
But I didn’t see an invite for a dinner.
It seemed odd, but I thought it was just part of company savings.

Later that evening I got a text from the organizer “sorry sorry, I completely forgot to include you”.

For a minute I felt an arrow going straight through my heart.
Here we go again.
After years of being bullied, neglected and forgotten, I still couldn’t get used to feeling.
It could have been a nasty action as well as an honest mistake.

I needed a moment to get my thoughts straight.
Usually I would start crying, search for reasons why this happened and my OCD would be triggered.

Even though, in all honesty, I much rather spend an evening at home eating wonderful homemade pasta, watch another murder series and be with someone I really like.

I have to remind myself to focus at the bigger picture.
As bad as life might seem at this moment, I do know that this by far is not my final destination.
This is not my final job.
These are not my final colleagues.
This is not our final home.
This is not my final weight.

In the 60 years that I am probably going to be on this planet, many things will change.
Boyfriend and I even have a 5 year plan, which hopefully is not even going to be in this country.
I will never even see these people again.

So if in that short amount of time things are going to change, why worry about what happens today?

This thought calmed my senses.
I took a deep breath, a shower and crawled under a blanket on the couch and did what I like to do the most the person I like the most.

People always talk about living in the moment.
Which is perfectly fine if everything is going well.
But in the occasion of ending up in a negative spiral, think about where you want to be in a few years.
Focus on that bigger picture!  

19 thoughts on “Focusing on the bigger picture

  1. Such good advice! I have almost the opposite problem – my job makes me very visible and I frequently become the focal point for people’s frustrations, normally thanks to things they have messed up themselves and I’m just the person tasked with trying to help them fix it. I allow this to upset me far too much, my boyfriend is constantly telling me not to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. Sometimes you just need to remember that everyone’s problems are not really your problems. Smile, get through it, move on! I sing a line from one of my favourite musical to myself – life may be scary, but it’s only temporary! Everything in life is only for now! X

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  2. I hope they weren’t being mean to you. I seriously hope they just really forgot (but aren’t they looking at a list usually?). I don’t know all the answers. I’m always “forgotten” (not invited) and it doesn’t feel good. I have to tell myself that I don’t want to get dressed and deal with those people out somewhere.
    I bet y’all’s 5 year plan works great! And you’ll be rich off your t-shirts. 😀


    1. I don’t think I will ever find out. She and I were supposed to be the only females and maybe she wanted it to be just her in a group of men?
      The feeling sucks, although we all want to stay home in our pjs!

      I earned 70 cent on the hoodie you bought haha. So another 4000 more per month and i might make a living out of it 😉

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  3. ‘This is not my final job.
These are not my final colleagues.
This is not our final home.
This is not my final weight.’
    -my life right now
    I try not to let momentary feelings or situations cause me to make permanent decisions. Thinking ‘big picture’ will help me re-focus and not spiral into anxious thoughts. Thank you.


  4. My son’s teacher, who has raised boys like my son who are on the Asberger’s spectrum, got my son to think this way. Is the thing I am upset with going to matter in 5 years. It is a tool that helps him, at 11, a lot.
    My way is a little different, an outgrowth of what I do on Sunday morning, as I distribute the Body of Christ, to the Church, which also called the Body of Christ. If God forgives all my sins and screwups, and He forgave all of theirs (which I get to remind them of) then why can’t I rejoice in their forgiveness as much as my own….

    This helps… immensely.


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