Story behind the design: Overworked Chestnut

I mention my job quite often, but I have never explained what I do. So here we go 🙂

“Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living”, Dolly Parton sang.
We all know the reality is more like “7 till 6” 😉

I have always put my career first.
Sometimes it was terrible due to incompetent and rude management.
Other times I loved my job and would work even in my spare time.
Any way, the bags under my eyes are getting bigger and bigger, yet I try to stay positive.

Therefore, my “OVERWORKED CHESTNUT” doodle:


“What can actually you do with your Electrical Engineering degree“, I was asked many times.
DUH, you can do anything, because electricity is everywhere.

Now that everyone else knew I what I COULD do, I had to find out what I WANTED to do.
Working with my hands wasn’t going to be an option due to clumsiness.
But I also didn’t want designing 2D electrical diagrams.
Maybe something in between?

The first job I got, hit the jackpot.
As a Technical Training Developer and Instructor I was exactly in between Engineering and Technicians.

My days consisted of meetings with Engineers, trying to understand complicated manuals, reading electrical diagrams, take a look at the actual equipment to find where each breaker is located, creating Powerpoint Trainings and even write audio scripts for eLearnings.

Other days I would be in front of a group of people and train the technicians.
A large part was theory, but also I would make them to practical exercises.

Strange enough, I never felt comfortable doing presentations at school.
But funnily enough this seemed to work for me.
Even though developing was more “my thing”, I loved interacting with “the guys”.

My other job within Quality Management I don’t even want to mention, because who on earth placed me there. UGH.

My current job is back to technical stuff again! Thank Lord.
It evolves around implementing electrical safety for technicians and leading a team of technical writers who prepare documents to establish electrical safety.
Does this makes sense to anyone?
Try to google “Wind Turbine Safety Rules” and you’ll find 😉

A lot is expected from youngsters.
You might 17, 18 or 19 when you start studying and decide what you want to do THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. And the choices are endless.
But most people I know didn’t end up in the exact field what they have studied for.
We just take changes of opportunities that cross our path.

Have you ended up working in the exact field you have studied for? 

9 thoughts on “Story behind the design: Overworked Chestnut

  1. Yes and I love it.
    As for your question, NO, it makes no sense. My hubby’s your colleague. That it, he was (he’s into programming now). Every time sb would ask me what he did, I’d say- No idea, some SF. He tried to explain it to me many a time….no use. I don’t get it.


    1. Haha. I remember I always said I didn’t understand the subject History at school. My dad would roll his eyes. “There’s nothing to not understand, you’re just not interested”, he’d say. 😉
      But True, beta topics are a lot more complex.

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  2. I am doing at least partly what I expected to do. But I do think asking teenagers to decide what they eant to do for the rest of their lives is stupid.
    By the way. One of my roles at work is Quality Manager for the labs on site. I actually enjoy that part of my job😄


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