My type of people

I love food.
I like make a delicious mayo-cheese-tomato sandwich from scratch and take to work.
Heck. It’s probably the highlight of my day 😉

But, I hate lunch.
First, I am probably not a very charming eater.
I feel uncomfortable eating in front of someone other than those who know me well.
Plus, lunch within the company starts at 12:30.
But that sandwich is simply seducing me. I can’t wait until after noon.

But the worst of all are the conversations during lunch.
There is an unwritten rule that you are not a social person if you don’t join lunch.
So sometimes I do that, while sipping a cup of coffee.

I listen to the stories of their adorable children, husband who spend the Sunday morning playing football, complications with the wife because they want to watch their favorite soap opera and at least 4 friend get to gatherings each weekend.

I smile, nod, laugh, but hardly ever open my mouth during those 30 minutes.

My weekends consist of trying out new recipes, watch series or Netflix, find new topics to blog about, work on my Emotion Doodles Design, stare at our fish for an hour, go to the beach for a walk or just simply listen to an LP and do nothing.

These topic have never come up during lunch time, so I simply assume people do not have the same interests as me.
Sometimes I’m in the mood to make a nerdy joke. But they wouldn’t understand. I’d make a fool of myself.

I am seeing this within my group of friends as well.
We grow older.
We choose different life paths.
We don’t share the same hobbies.
We don’t like the same music.
We don’t have the same taste for films or series.
They are not interested in my Emotion Doodles. 
They don’t read my blog.
And likewise, I am not affectionate about their passions.

It’s nobody’s fault.

They are all great people though.
They just are not “my type of people”.

Do you feel like the people around you are not “your type of people”? 

21 thoughts on “My type of people

  1. They can medicate and turn our love of food into an insatiation. I found myself eating things I had never eaten and been conditioned not to by parents who were a registered nurse and a professional sportsman. Eating food almost narcotically.


    1. Great!
      I feel like I don’t have this opportunity, unfortunately. You can’t choose your family or colleagues.

      That’s a great idea! I will write a blog about where and how I live soon!
      I live in the Hague btw 🙂

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  2. I think people grow in and out of your life, do you need to weed the money out sometimes….why sometimes you stop being friends with someone because you no longer share the same interest. I have 6 friend I try to see every month. I have my monthly book friends. And a few couple friends we see about every other month. It works. But no…your point?..I don think spend time with people who are no longer my people

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  3. Yes I do
    That’s why I stay to myself. If they’re your friends, then they should be interested in seeing your store and your blogs as well. But keep your head up high and don’t seem like you are at all interested in what they have to say. Then they will wonder what is wrong. You will see.😃

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  4. Yes, I feel like there are situations where I’m around people who are not ‘my type of people’. Even if we’re in the same profession or have the same religion, I can still feel like there’s a disconnect. It can be frustrating.

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  5. Oh my gosh. My co-workers are all party animals and they laugh at me for reading in the back when it’s slow. When my customers ask me what I enjoy doing on my free time they don’t believe I just like to read, blog, and watch TV.

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  6. I’m happy eating alone. It’s nice that people ask, but I just say, i’ve got calls to make or i’m running an errand. They are truths. I never fake not wanting to join. Once in a while I will, but I really have many things to do and find lunch time a good time to do some of those things. I am too busy to just sit and chat. When i’m not too busy, I make coffee dates and I will go out and chat then. As far as “my type of people”…I really only choose to be around the ones that like me and I like them. It’s easier. Maybe it’s my age, but I don’t have time to be around people that don’t really want to be around me. 🙂


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