The Cherry close to me

Back when I was younger, it was popular to do these quizzes where your personality would reflect on a piece of fruit.
Everyone always wanted to be the banana.
But one friend answered differently:

“I’d like to be a Cherry, so I can always have a friend close to me“.

Isn’t that the cutest answer ever?!

I have been with different phases in my life when it comes to any kind of relationships.

Within the first few years of high school I struggled with making friends.
In fact I was bullied and left out all the time.
There was not even one person who wanted to join with me in the corner in canteen where I was eating my lunch alone.
I felt extremely lonely.

A few years later, I switched schools and met a great group of people.
Even though there weren’t in my class, we hung out during the breaks and before and after school.
There were about 7 of us, which made it difficult to meet up in the weekends.
If 1 or 2 couldn’t join a get together, it would be cancelled because people would feel left out.
It didn’t make sense, but somehow that’s the way it was.

The worst of all was that this group kept growing.
It seemed like everyday someone new joined our little friendship group.
We started arguing and just before it could blow up to something huge, we were separated naturally by the start of university.
We all moved to different corners of the country.

A new chapter started.
I made new friends. Lost friends.
I had a couple of dates. Had a couple of heartbreaks.

I started analyzing which scenario suited me the best.

Being alone wasn’t necessarily bad.
When I start living alone, I choose to not make close friendships.
I did a lot of things on my own. Going out for shopping, dinner, theater, travel.
It was scary at first, but I actually would always end up talking to a random stranger during those activities.
We would never see each other again, but it was fun for that amount of time.
I also became aware of myself.
I came to know what I liked and disliked.
I thought about my future plans.

The times that I had a lot of friends around me allowed to get to know a different side of myself. Not the shy, quiet girl.
Suddenly we were at the bar singing karaoke of a Backstreet Boys song.
We would drink wine and eat cheese every Friday evening.
We’d cook together or go the gym.
Friends encouraged me to ask the cute guy out.

Now we’re in a place with social media.
The very little friends that I have, we do keep contact over the phone.
We send each other funny pictures. We like each other’s Instagram posts.
Sometimes we even manage to meet up in our busy life style.
In a way, this is bit sad.
Life might have been better before all the smart mobile devices.

But despite all that, I am not alone.
I found the one that is always there when I come home from a rough day.
The one I cook together with. The one I dance with after just a little more wine.
The one I travel around the world with. The one I laugh and cry with.
My best friend and boyfriend.

I found my Cherry close to me πŸ˜‰









11 thoughts on “The Cherry close to me

  1. This is just beautiful. I like to think that too. That my hubby is my best friend. My cherry.
    I think that the hardships you encountered made you be YOU, they defined you and shaped you in a very confident young person who knows what she wants an how to get it. Way to go, girl.

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