Automatic Pilot

This morning I got out of bed a bit earlier to avoid traffic jams.
I put on some clothes, took my lunchbox and went straight to the car.
I turned the key and was ready to drive, but nothing happened!
What the… Was it really going to be this kind of Monday ?

I tried turning the key back and forth but I didn’t seem to move one bit. The car was just making a noise.
I was close to tears and started googling “my car doesn’t start”.

Step 1: put you foot on the break or clutch to start the car.

Most of the things we do, we do without thinking about.
The driving instructor had taught me all the steps of driving a car with the intention that this becomes a routine.
Yet, when you have a sudden brain melt, you forget the basics.

We often operate on an automatic pilot.

We eat without tasting the food.
We shower without feeling the relaxation of the warm water on a cold day.
We take a large breath without focusing on puffing the stress away.
We hug without feeling the  actual comfort someone’s giving you.
We lay down in bed without actually resting.
We hit the “like” button without reading someone’s post.

What about when you have the flu?
Do you just hate everything around you?
Or do you try take this moment to sleep as much as possible, watch your favorite series and drink tea with honey all day before you are expected to work 8 hour-days?

Mindfulness is a word which makes me cringe, but it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit more conscious of the tactility you perform, the decision you make and the opportunities you take.

Do you practice “mindfulness”? 


18 thoughts on “Automatic Pilot

  1. I think it’s really easy to spend most of your day on autopilot which can be a little scary. How much of your journey to work (especially if you drive) do you remember? Taking a more mindful approach is better for your mental health. You actually remember locking your front door or turning the oven off and then you’re less stressed. I’m trying to be a little more mindful but I’m not that great at it!


    1. It really is scary! I
      I used to be scared of driving and I was paying a lot attention to the cars in front, next and behind me. I would never exceed the speed limit.
      That’s a totally different story now unfortunately.
      I also want to become a bit more mindful. I am sure it will make anyone healthier!
      If you ever have some tips, please share them in a blog if you like! 🙂

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  2. Too many people are an autopilot. Back when I drive an hour to work and back each day, there were days I don’t remember how I got there or home. It is very scary! I try to think now about what I’m doing (and try not to hit like until I read the post!).
    I’m sure you are now having a great day and obviously you are an awesome Googler like myself to figure that out so quickly!


    1. Haha, it’s embarrassing that I had to google it though! I’m driving every day.

      I have a bit of a bummer today. I got here earlier with the intention to also leave earlier, turns out I forgot that I had a meeting until 4:30. GRRRRRRRRRR.

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  3. I think most of us just get into the rut of living without truly thinking about things. Part of the reason I started a blog was to be more aware of the good things that happen every day!


  4. I don’t need to practice mindfulness. I guess I already am. I’m the opposite of everything.
    I notice and savor the taste in food, the comfort of a hug and warmth of the shower. I always rest when I’m in my bed and never ever hit like without reading a post.

    I am laughing that you forgot to hold the brake down though, that’s too funny. Sometimes I look for my phone when it’s in my hand lol.


    1. That’s awesome! You seem to fully enjoy the little things in life which might prevent from wanting more and more!

      Haha yeah. My dad often searches for his glasses when they are already on his nose. Sometimes the brain has a “blaaah” moment 😉

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  5. I’m a licensed social worker in the field of mental health and ‘mindfulness’ has definitely been a buzz word for the past couple of years. It took me a little while to get into it, but more and more I’m seeing the importance of being present and aware.


    1. Sometimes I try to have really mindful days and try to remind myself of it constantly. I can definitely that those days are keeping me much calmer. Unfortunately, I forget to be mindful most days. I really I can reach to the point where it is just going to be a routine! 🙂


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