Always be yourself

This is another phrase which give me cramps.

Usually the type of people who are saying this are those who go on a backpacking trip through Australia or on a spiritual journey in India to “find themselves”.

What does that even mean?
And how much right of speech do they have to say something like that?

Try asking someone to describe themselves in 5 words.
They might manage to name 1 or 2, which will be continued with a “Pff, this is difficult”.


We play different roles in life.
Some allows us to be lazy and relaxed.
Other requires us to professional and uptight.

Is a caring and loving mother always herself when she has to be strict to her bad behaving child?
Is an introvert person always himself when he has to speak in front of an audience?
Is a relaxed type of personality always himself when he has to do an important exam?

The answer is NO.

Even if we knew “who we are”, situations would never let us be that.

Phrase dismissed 😉


What do you think of the expression “Always be yourself”?
If you’re up for it, let me know how you would describe yourself in a few words 🙂

24 thoughts on “Always be yourself

  1. I am with you 100%.I never really got why you have to travel miles to find yourself,only to find everything but yourself…just a new caracther to play.I believe in acceptance ,like to learn to accept who we are with our strength and weakness and behave accordingly but I also believe that inevitably we play different role in different situation and there is nothing bad or hypocritical about it as soon as it not a mask.I say yes to be yourself the multitude of yourself because we are the sum of our experiences and that should come doesn’t come after a trip in Asia or a seminar with the guru of the day.happy week end you clever smart woman.Be always yourself😜

  2. Haha.. phrase dismissed.
    I guess people use this phrase when they have no clue about you or the situation you are in, yet want to give advice.

  3. I prefer “always be Wonder Woman.” lol, just kidding. But really I’m more into being the person you want to be than just “who you are.” If everyone just stayed themselves, they’d never advance and grow. You still need to keep a core of “you” in there, but you also have to get out of your shell and try on being different sometimes.

  4. “whereever you go, there you are.” Efforts to “find yourself” can be done right at home. If you don’t speak another language, learn one. If you don’t play an instrument, learn. Climb a mountain. I’m older. I just bought a guitar to learn how to play. But I do “love” exploring….

  5. I believe the phrase is meant to portray that you shouldn’t let other people define you and you should just be who you are. But what do I know? I agree, phrSe dismissed!

  6. This!! I am who I am in any given moment. People change all the time it’s hard to keep up with who I am haha

  7. You can say that. It’s normal that we all change with time. I wouldn’t like to be me 20 years ago. And, if we changed for the better, it’d be awesome. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. We can only hope (and occasionally try)…

  8. I am so glad to hear you’re not always the same person either. I feel like I am always the same in the important things, but some things have to change depending on the people and situation. I lost a friend because of this this year!

  9. Oh no. Sorry to hear. Unfortunately I have experienced the same!
    I also keep the same moral when I make big decisions and that’s when I do stay “close to myself”

  10. Yup I don’t think my essence ever changes, just sometimes I have to push myself to be more outgoing or more professional

  11. I think the phrase is meant for people who are not being true to themselves. It’s about being authentic. I know who I am. I can’t be anyone else. I’m always learning new things, always adapting to new situations, always evolving into the best version of myself that I aspire to become, but deep down inside there is a part that is simply just me, call it my authentic self, call it my soul. That part of me was there when I was a little girl, it’s not new. And I won’t compromise that part of me, ever, for anyone or any situation, nor would I expect anyone else to. But I think there are people who are not in touch with that part of themselves. They pretend a lot in their daily lives. They pretend they have as much money as their neighbours when they go deep in debt in order to have the same things. They pretend their lives are blissful and content when they are really chaotic, unpredictable and incredibly difficult. They pretend to be happy, when they rarely feel very happy. And they aren’t just “faking it until they make it” come true, they are truly lying to themselves and anyone else who will listen. They are being phony. I think this message of always being yourself is intended for these people who don’t know how to be authentic.

  12. I see how that phrase can be considered meaningless, but a quick stroll down the high street on a Saturday and you can’t but fail to see how many people are dressed similarly/the same – swayed by marketing and/or not standing out (and then running the perceptive gaze of “what are they thinking”). I wonder how many people will claim that they are “true to themselves” and yet will also supress interests and hobbies in case someone might make fun of them.
    In the same vein, I wonder how many people actually spend the time to stop and consider their own lives – having gone to school, college, got a job, got married, had children – and all because that’s what they were told they had to do. Sometimes, you need to get away from the “normal” life to make that break, which can be quite difficult.

    As for me, I’d say I was trying to inspire others whilst learning about myself.

  13. I think this is for people who try to be someone else to look better, to belong with people to be accepted, I agree with the quote, no matter what don’t change who you are, If you are creative, just because your friends are sporty doesn’t mean u have to be too. The phrase is for peer pressure, the fact that some people don’t know how to be, how to act, whats a perfect me? And the answer is to just be you.

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