Feeling that “Click”

Once I went on business trip with a colleague.
I was the newest addition in the team and still felt quite shy to interact with people.
This trip was an opportunity to get to know one of them and if that went well, he could help me merge into the group.
I am usually good with one on one.
What possible could go wrong?

We met at the airport and had 1.5 hour to spend before the plane would arrive.
I asked if his trip to the airport was ok.
“It was fine”,  he answered shortly.
I told him how difficult mine was. Also in the hope he could drop me of on the way back because I knew he would pass the town I lived in.
Rather than complaining, I tried to put some humor into it.
He hummed a times while nervously checking his phone.

Later at dinner I tried to ask about his hobbies and his work.
It seemed like embarrassing interview.

It was clear that we were never going to be anything more than a minimum level op politeness to each other.

The next morning, in the hotel,  I decided to have breakfast super early. Only to avoid awkward silences with him.
Guess what? He had the same plan.
UGH. There was no other option then just quietly sitting at the same table and eat the food.

There have been a couple more instances where chemistry between me and the other person was lacking.

Contrarily, I’d start conversation with a random person on the train and we’d be bursting out in laughter, sharing a beer or singing Christmas song in the middle of July.
Not always have these occasions been able to end in friendship, but knowing how easily you can have a “click” with someone, is AWESOME.

I don’t know what necessarily the depending factors are.
Perhaps a certain mood both persons have to be in?
Same interests?
Same background?
Certain countries you both have visited?

Social media made easier to find out stuff like that about people.
And I’ll be honest, I do search people up.

Once I got to know that one of  the colleagues also studied Power Electronics, I knew I could break the ice by telling that I named one of my fish after an electrical component.
And as expected, he totally got the humor.

I am, however, one of those that has unconventional interests.
I hardly ever meet someone who likes chess, moose or go crazy over the Eurovision Song Contest (don’t worry if you are not from Europe and don’t know it 😉 )

Yet, when it does happen, it’s magical 🙂

Do you feel often that “click” with people? How does it make you feel?
Do you look people up on social media to help the “natural chemistry” a bit in the right direction?

12 thoughts on “Feeling that “Click”

  1. You are so like me.I am”epidermal “ in my relationships and friendships.there must be a click.(sometimes Ian wrong,in positive and negative but most of the time I m not…..must be one of those rare matters I m nearly always right😂)
    I am pretty bad at cheap chat too…..I hate the owkordness of nothing to say silence….I rather just only wave then stop by with someone I know I ll have nothing in common to talk about……that’s why I run from school gate characters:I have enough of my own kids,don’t want to hear about theirs😜


    1. ugh. The awkward moment of running into someone in the street. I used to hide if I saw them from a distance.
      And picking up kids from school is probably a nightmare. All the mums who brag to you about how wonderful the child is. 😐

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I can imagine! I’d hate if someone would randomly start talking to me. But I used to be different 😉
      I avoid public transport as much as possible anymore. And since I have my own car, there is no need to 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like he wasn’t even willing to try and get to know you. What an ass!
    Sometimes there’s a click and sometimes not so I find myself wearing my headphones everywhere so unless someone physically stops me or I see somebody I care to talk to, I can avoid the awkward interaction.
    School lines were the worst!


    1. That’s a great cause i do the same. Also at work and I have been told that it is not very social thing to do. But them constantly laughing and talking is getting on my nerves. Plus I concentrate better with music on.

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