Teenage years

It’s said that the first few years of your life shape you.
But equally important, are the teenage years.

My parents never informed me much about all the things that were going to change and were expected from a young adult, physically and mentally.
Maybe because it was an awkward topic.
Maybe because it was too long time back from them.
Some things I have forgotten too. Some things I simply don’t want to remember.

Things like, my very first pimple.
I think I was the first in my class to have this phenomenon on my face.
I didn’t know what the heck it was. And there were no smartphone back then to search it up.
Like I wasn’t bullied enough in the first year of high school, my schoolmates now looked at my face with disgust.
I went back home crying. My mum, who always has been worried about illnesses, took me to the doctor.
He laughed.
“You can expect a lot more of those” and wrote me a recommendation of a few expensive brands who could help to keep the skin cleaner.

I was relieved to see my classmates got acne too.
And I was bit more lucky since it appeared more on my back then on my face.

Other thing changed too, physically,
The monthly cramps were really hard to get through since I would usually end up fainting cause of the immense pain.
I suddenly had to pluck my eyebrows which was also a painful exercise.
Shave too, which often ended up in a “bloody” disaster.
Wearing a bra was extremely uncomfortable too.
I had to fit in with “cool” hairstyles and clothing.

All these changes were a mental challenge too.
Suddenly looks became important. If you weren’t handsome or pretty, you wouldn’t have a sexual experience with someone. Which seemed another reason to bully someone.

Performance was important too.
If your grades were too low, you’d be bullied.
If your grades were high, you’d be the Nerd. Which, back then, wasn’t a positive thing to be named.

I have spoken before about terrifying experiences of PE classes.
Not to mention the changing rooms.
The girls constantly compared each other body parts.
It was uncomfortable and made everyone insecure in the end.

By the age of 19 my acne started to fade away.
My body has transformed in its final form.
I found a hairstyle and clothes I was comfortable with.
Things calmed down physically.
And, step by step, also mentally.

Yet I will always wonder why we make it so hard for each other during puberty.
Everyone’s body is changing in the same way.
We all want to perform on a regular basis.
We all struggle with it.
How much easier would it be if we could all just support each other.
How hard can that be?

How did you experience your teenage years?
Is it something you look back at with a smile, or didn’t you like it at all?

23 thoughts on “Teenage years

    1. Thank you!
      I am also very happy that it’s over and feel for the kids that still have to go through. I feel like it designed to be not fun time, by society and media. Too bad really, because that’s when you make the most developments.

      Thanks for you comment 🙂

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  1. Mot of the bad things were outside-the war, the crisis, etc. Inside, I was if not very comfortable, then learning to be. I had great buddies, no bullying, a very supportive community, which was amazing. We helped each other come of age and deal with the problems easier.


  2. I don’t like remembering those years either. Now my son is going through the same changes and I want to keep him at home and not make him go through all that at school but I let him go.


  3. I have written the story of my childhood and the hell of my school life but could not bear to publish it so sent it to another blogger who is publishing bullying stories. It has not been published yet. Suffice to say I remember nothing but fear from the ages of ten to sixteen and it still affects my self esteem and relationships even now. Sorry that you, and anyone else, had to go through it too.


    1. If you’re not comfortable with publishing, it’s not necessary. Sometimes it helps to only write it down. But I am sure you will get lots of support from the people on here 🙂

      The teenage years have affected my self esteem a lot too unfortunately.
      It’s not far how others make a mess of your life and you are the one that has to pick up the pieces.


  4. I think it’s just life, there are bullies throughout our lives, they just get sophisticated as you grow. One must learn to live with it, and possibly get motivated to outsmart and outperform your abilities.. maybe that’s the reason why they exist 🙂


    1. I wrote about it before, do bad experiences make you stronger or bitter.
      Some people claim it makes them stronger. For me, personally that isn’t the case. Bitter mainly, but also I just got tired of people and try to avoid them a bit 😉

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