Just one before 2017 ends, I signed up for a gym membership – hurray me πŸ˜‰

I’m not new with gyms.
I know how they work.
I know that it’s going to be tough the first few months.
I know you I will lack motivation after the first few months.
And I’m well aware that at one point you are not going to lose weight so easily anymore.

Still I had to listen to this information when I told them I don’t want to be accompanied by a trainer.

About 6 years ago I went to gym every single day for about 3 years straight.
I did the same work out everyday: one hour on the cross step.
Friends, family and colleagues told that there was point in doing only that.
I wasn’t going to get any fitter or lose weight if I didn’t combine it with strength training.

Unfortunately, nobody was ever interested why I was going to the gym.
I DIDN’T strive for a certain body image.

The gym was my safe heaven, the only place where I could loudly listen to the music that was totally not cool, but making me happy.
Where nobody would say “You should wear make up” or “you should put on some perfume”.
Where nobody would say anything how non-stylish my clothes are.
The gym was the only place where I wasn’t judged or noticed.

Everyone focuses on their own personal goals.
Some wan to lose weight, or gain muscles.
Some go because they have too much energy.
For some it helps with their mental health.

If you are afraid of going to the gym because you think you might get laughed at, NOT at all.
On the contrary even.
People who work out also started for a reason. They know how hard it is.
In my experience, they will either let you do your own thing or they will be very stimulating with every little success.

That’s why I why decided to join the gym again.
I will be on my same old cross step listening to my music and enjoying the fact that this might be the only place where I will never get judged.

Even though it’s not my main goal, at the same time I am happy though, that I will get fitter and lose some weight too πŸ˜‰

Why do you go to the gym?

Or what is your reason not to go?

17 thoughts on “Gym

  1. Thanks for the reminder of why the gym is a great place to be. Last year I returned to the gym after many many years away from it. I was so worried and anxious but it was the nicest place to be. I let it go this year so 2018 I will be going back – stress relief and a safe haven. Nothing better!


  2. Very best wishes for you with this Andrea.

    I love my gym. Even though I am an introvert I have never felt uncomfortable there. I go because I like the people and also as I go after work it gives me a break to forget about work before heading home. A good workout also makes me feel great!


    1. Yes!
      I have never gone to the gym together with someone, but a lot of bloggers do! I love hearing about everyone’s progression too, it will only motivate me!
      Because in all honesty, I do want to lose some weigth πŸ˜‰

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  3. Good luck! I stopped being a gym member 5 years ago when I moved house and changed job… before that the gym was part of every week for 30 years. I loved just going and being myself.
    If it gets boring or hard, there are loads of motivational tricks to try.
    (Btw I now try to run 3x a week, so I haven’t just stopped)
    Great post!


    1. Running in fresh air is probably even healthier. I just don’t like running at all πŸ˜‰
      I think the biggest motivation is getting your mind off of things and your body changing positively.
      Music helps too, but often I’d also watch Nexflix on my phone haha.


  4. Welcome back to the gym world! Everything commenced for me just like a game, one day my wife said let’s go to have a look that gym and since then I haven’t left yet (hahaha), I been always wanted to be skin and have some muscle but my previous lifestyle did not help on this, now I am on my Fitness Journey and I love it, I feel more relaxed every time I end a workout.


    1. Thank you! And I agree. Sometimes you have drag yourself to the gym and during the workout it can be tough. But afterwards you feel like super(wo)man πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‰
      And once you start to see results, you will become more and more motivated. It’s a rewarding jouney πŸ™‚

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