Feeling pressure when making decisions

I was out for dinner with a friend.
We hardly got the chance to look through the menu when the waitress came by to take our orders.
Within in that slight moment of stress, my friend choose something she didn’t even like and even though I wanted to experiment with food, I quickly asked if she could get me the same old pasta funghi.

It seems silly, we could have easily ask her to come back after a few mintues.
How often have you chosen something only because you feel  pressure?
Of time, money, or energy?
From our parents, teachers, managers, friends or society?

The intially study I chose was not the one I graduated in.
I had spend too much money on expensive books only to find out a month later that this wasn’t going to  make me happy.
I was 17.
How can you even expect from someone that age to make such a big decision for the future?

In your teenage years you might feel the pressure to be part of a group by using drugs, alcohol or having sex before you even feel ready for such.

Now that new year’s resolutions are the topic of the day, I feel pressure to sign up for the gym.
Should I take time to invesigating about different options in my area, or should I just pay an expensive price for the gym around the corner which is small and therefore not really comfertable for me?

My boyfriend is one who re-considers EVERYTHING a bilion times.
He refuses to feel pressured.
It’s an emotion which simply doesn’t bother him. He’d rather waits a bit longer and take the right decision.

Personally, I am a bit more impatient and a bit more effected by the pressure signals.
I’m quite quick in making my decisions, even though I could regret them later.
Although that might be tiring and expensive, I do make more mistakes to learn from.

It has also made me very selective and concious about what to avoid. I hardly ever give things a second chance.

He and I react completely different on society’s pressure, which sometimes makes it difficult to make decisions.

This, until we experimented more with the “happy medium” approach.

Do you feel pressure by society when taking a decision?

17 thoughts on “Feeling pressure when making decisions

  1. YES! Too many times we are forced to hurry! My biggest pet peeve like this is in the line at the grocery store. I don’t even have time to look at my receipt or get my wallet closed before the next customer behind me is urging me to move ahead so they can be waited on! I hate it! 😦


  2. My son thinks he has decided what he wants for the rest of his life. I don’t have the heart to tell him that he may change his mind MANY times before he’s grown.
    Take your time, weigh your decisions, and don’t let anyone pressure you, especially about a gym membership! You can walk for free outside (although it is cold).


  3. I am 26 and still feel pressure of Parents. Fighting for what i want to choose, my choice does not matter according to my parents because parents will not harm us, they think for our betterment. But what i feel sometimes they does commit mistakes then why not me? I mean just leave me free to commit mistake. May be i will get something for which i am working hard


    1. I completely get what you are saying.
      Many times I feel like I cannot live up to my parents’ expectations, since they are very time and result driven.
      It’s always good listen to your parents’ advice, but we should not forget that world is very much different now from when they were your age.
      I’d say, Work for what you want to be, but always have a financial backup plan 😉 Good luck!


  4. No, I don’t care. It’s about me. So, I take my time. I think twice, which does not always mean that I make the right decision.
    You’re like my hubby, thinking: what would other people think. Too tactful.
    I don’t know if you ever read our Nusic, and his wonderful drama ‘Svet’ (the World). At what point, dad says sth like, what would the world think? ……(pause). But, then again, what if it doesn’t say anything?
    So, basically, we’re part of a whole. We don’t care and we care. No man is an island.


    1. Ha! Very clever that Nusic. And he is right!
      Is it a book or magazine?

      Ps. If you know any good “domaci filmovi ili serije” let me know! I’ve been watching “lud zbunjen normalan” way too often now (although it remains funny 😉). Do you know it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a drama.

        Try finding him. He’s amazing.
        „Народни посланик“ (1883)
        „Сумњиво лице“ (1887)
        „Свет“ (1906)
        „Госпођа министарка“ (1929)
        „Мистер Долар“ (1932)
        „Ожалошћена породица“ (1935)
        „Др“ (1936)
        „Покојник“ (1938)

        As for ‘our stuff’, I love the series:
        Vratice se rode (ima na utubu; odlicna je), Ubice moga oca (novija, nije losa)
        Miris kise na Balkanu (ok je i ova)

        As for the movies, try the older ones like:
        Otac na sluzbenom putu, Kuduz, Varljivo leto ’68, Ko to tamo peva, Skupljaci perja, Maratonci trce pocasni krug, Nesto izmedju, Bure Baruta, Crni bombarder, Sabirni centar, Tito i ja, Majstori majstori, Lepota poroka, Bestije, Iskusavanje djavola, Nacionalna klasa, Tajvanska kanasta…

        The new ones-Smrt coveka na Balkanu (nas mentalitet), Karaula (odlican), Neka ostane medju nama (i ovj je super), Tesko je biti fin (ovo je bosanski, presladak je, ima ga na utubu).
        Jel ok??? 🙂


      2. Haha dosta za sada 😉

        I did see Tesko je biti fin. It was excellent. I also liked Klopka. The ending drove me to tears!

        I have noted the other ones and will find a way to watch them. Legal or not 😉

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