Things I wish were like at my parent’s home

Sometimes I think “Oops, I am becoming like my mum”.
Not that it’s a bad thing, but as a child I have always looked with a critical eye to how my parents arranged things.
Things I would definitely do differently once I had my own home. (As if)

Now that me and the boyfriend do have my own home, I also seem to have forgotten about the things that I did wanted to be like at mum and dad’s.


There was always fruit at home.
Not like with us, just one apple which we have forgotten about and therefore is not edible anymore. But a large bowl of at least 3 different types.
Every evening, mum would cut some fruit in wedges. Somehow that always seem to taste better than eating the entire fruit 😉


We do have candles at home, but never light them.
It’s a small effort, but we just seem to forget about it.
Mum however, has always been amazing at decorating the house in an atmospheric way.

Eating at the dinner table

Both of us come home quite late from work. We quickly change into older clothes and immediately start cooking. By the time dinner is done, it can be 7:30 PM already.
We sit down on the couch, Netflix on and eat the food we prepared for 1 hour in just ten minutes.
This was never acceptable at parent’s home. They always made sure the family would be  at least 30 minutes at the table to actually enjoy the food, talk and laugh

Evening/Morning walk

My dad liked walking and in the beginning he would always drag me along. Once I felt the benefits of it, I couldn’t wait for that walk.
It is a perfect way to clear you mind after a long day or when the day is just about to start and get some exercise at the same time.
These were also the moments where I opened up about to my dad about my worries and future dreams. He helped me to make a rough planning of it all.


Mum always left the radio on.
It’s so much nicer coming into the house, having breakfast or cleaning with music in the background.


I didn’t miss these things until I started thinking about them.
Life seems so busy now that I don’t get the chance to implement these small, effective routines into my daily life.
It’s a bad excuse, but valid.

Maybe I can work a bit on these in 2018 😉








13 thoughts on “Things I wish were like at my parent’s home

  1. We always have lots of fruit like back home, I’ve never liked candles too much, what else…we love long walks, whenever, the radio’s always on, and NO, we don’t eat in the kitchen, and you know how important kitchens are in our tradition. So, couch and Netflix.


  2. That’s why I try to enjoy to the best of my abilities living with my parents. Because I know that this part of my life is almost over and it’s a shorter moment than I’d think if I were to look back on it at, say, 80 years old. I still can’t wait to move out and have my own place, too, though. I think that’s the shortest stage for most people–the time living alone–so I really want to enjoy it. All your points sound so nice, thanks for sharing!


  3. I try to get my son to walk with me but he’s not having it. 😂
    My parents always had the tv going (and she still does – at top volume too). It’s how you want it that will make it perfect for you.


    1. Ha, no, definitely not!

      I just read your “About me” page, which you have awesomely written!
      I love to read about metnal health. What is the topic on that exact blog?
      Just quickly going through you blog, your style seems very entertaining with the memes and pictures too!


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