Change of scenery

We’re back home after 4 days of strolling around in a city center, eating too much, uncomfortable hotel beds, an early morning flight and spending a total amount of 600 euro.
The trip went by faster than  thought.

“Is it even worth it?”, he yawned as we sat down in the tight Ryan Air seats at 7:15 AM.
I grinned, but it got me thinking.

Both of us are blessed with 8 weeks of holidays from work.
Probably 50 of these days we spend on going on vacations.
This isn’t exactly cheap and thus requires a good financial planning.
But for both of us it’s worth it.

He likes to see new places and try out restaurants.
I do too. However, for me change of scenery is more of a necessity.
I get caught up in daily routines easily. And unfortunately my OCD requires me to spend a lot of time on routines. This is extremely exhausting.

Vacations are prefect to have a break from the obsessive cleaning, traffic jams and happy poker face at work.
It’s also the time to get away from mobile devices and instead, having an actual conversation.
We discussed a lot of topics in those four days.
We asked about each other opinions.
We laughed.
We tried loads of different teas and coffees.
We talked about future plans.
We enjoyed the silence.

Of course these are the things you can do at home for a much cheaper price.
It just doesn’t work for me. I need my change of scenery.
I can’t wait for the next trip!

P.P.S. It’s not a very holiday themed blog, sorry for that.
I hope everyone is enjoying whatever you are celebrating! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Change of scenery

  1. Great post honey and I totally agree with you. It costs money, that’s true, but we need a change of scenery too so when you think it through, it’s always worth every penny. In a nutshell, a big YES for as many vacations as possible in the future.
    Tell me, did you like Dublin? What’s your overall impression? 600 EUR for both of you, inc. flight, right?
    8 weeks of paid vacation? That’s awesome!


    1. Thanks!
      Dublin was quite nice. Not very Chrimas-sy if you compare it to Germany or Austria. But there are a lot of pubs and those were nicely decorated. And there was Irish music everywhere! 😀

      8 weeks is quite luxurious yes! It’s not necessarily a standard in NL, but I always chase the companies who do offer more paid vacations 😉

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