A “legally blonde” moment

The only time I actually go into city centers is during holidays. Otherwise I try to avoid the crowd and tempting prices for poor quality clothing.

It’s also the only time I see homeless people. It makes me wonder what it’s like for them. Especially during Christmas time it hurts my dad,

My dad does always warn me for the fake ones. Even though he can’t explain how to recognize them. But I think I might have today. A woman not nicely dressed, but she did have fresh set highlights in her hair! Professionally done too!

Some who experiment so much with her hair as I did, would know.

5 thoughts on “A “legally blonde” moment

  1. It is hard, especially at Christmas.
    Never thought about looking at hair – my usual consideration is their socks and shoes. A scam artist will still wear new clean socks, as often comfortable shoes with little wear.
    Then again, my preference is to take them to McDonalds’ or some other place and eat with them, treating them like a real human, not just a begging pet. If they are in need, they will accept it, if not, they tell you to get lost.

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  2. I usually look at their signs. How did they get colored markers and such if they are so bad off? And this one guy actually has lights on his sign so he can stand outside at night! Really? And we’re supposed to think you’re broke?
    The real ones are not begging or approaching anyone, they look scraggly and unkept, and they are usually not completely in public. They would be asleep down an alley, sitting on a bench just not looking anywhere, stuff like that. Those are the ones I’m willing to help.


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