“Shit” people say

I cringe at motivational / inspirational quotes.
Usually they are printed on a sunset background.
Like you’re going to achieve anything after sunset except for finally picking a series to watch on Netflix.

Let’s evaluate a few.

You can achieve anything you want.

W R O N G.
In case you haven’t seen “Little Miss Sunshine”, partly it’s about a guy who’s dream it is to become a pilot.
He refused to speak until he would be accepted at the academy.
His first words after a couple of weeks of silence was a loud scream when he found he was colorblind.
He couldn’t achieve what he wanted.

Never give up.

Sometimes it’s OK to let go of things and accept that you simply don’t possess the talent.
If it’s going to take too much time, energy or even money to achieve it, you can always make it your hobby instead of your profession.
There should be never pressure with hobbies.

Remind yourself that you cannot fail by being yourself

Then honestly, why do I need to do a stupid personality test each time a company considers hiring me.
I have filled those out in complete honesty in the past and there have been times I wasn’t accepted.
Apparently I did fail by being myself.

I’m too busy

People who have time to constantly complain about how busy they are, are not actually busy.

People say things without thinking about it.
Some  quotes are supposed to be inspirational.
Some are to seek empathy.
Unfortunately they don’t work on my skeptical heart.


How do you feel about motivational quotes. Do they inspire you, or are you like me?

23 thoughts on ““Shit” people say

  1. I love Little Miss Sunshine, got your point. I’m totally like you.
    I just left a comment on this guy’s blog post, sth about grandpa writing an inspirational letter to his new born grand kid, which is full of such phrases.
    You wanna hear my comment? – ‘When we are born we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.’
    Aren’t you on vacation? Stop blogging!

  2. I totally agree with you on that. Sometimes these inspirational quotes go overboard and what’s worse is when people keep repeating that same thing as some key to live life. And puts unnecessary pressure on individuals to keep doing something that apparently has no results. And the success stories they uphold as the proof are less of rule ans more of exception at the same time ignoring the stories of failure that are way more than that of success. Though I may seem like a pessimist by saying such things, but I believe that looking at life for what it is and accepting the reality is one more step to realize your dream or rather some other way to achieve it or find a new dream.
    As one of my favorite song lyrics say…”Just live how you want Your life is yours
    Don’t try so hard It’s alright to lose”.

  3. Every time I see or hear an inspirational/motivational quote, I can’t help but to unconsciously come up with a rejoinder lol. Though I normally just keep quiet since I don’t like to ruin other people’s fun.

    They can really get annoying since people who like this kind of quotes often repeat themselves A LOT. Feeling gloomy? “You have to look through the rain to see the rainbow.” You failed again? Try and try until you die/succeed” Feeling uncertain? “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” They are like cliches that are readily available to be unleashed anytime and anywhere. So they become like an echo, empty words which meanings have already been lost.

    Many of these quotes are so obvious that they would short-circuit Captain Obvious’ brain, like,  “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” and “Everything happens for a reason.”

    Then there are those that are just so ridiculous that they make me blanch, e.g., “Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.” Perhaps, whoever came up of this cringe-worthy quote thought that he was clever. However, even I who love puns think that this is bad. This may be as bad as the puns that many of the MENSA members make.

    As for people constantly saying that they’re busy, I am always amazed how they could find the time to moan that they are busy if they are really busy. Are they just busying themselves to tell the world that they are busy to appear busy?

  4. People tell me I am a pessimist too, only because I don’t want to believe in fairy tales, but rather see realistic!
    I agree that these quotes put unnecessary pressure on people!
    I love those lyrics, I try to live like that. From which song are they? 🙂

  5. Uhhhh you put so many of these quotes in one comment, it almost made me want to punch the pc, haha.
    I am so happy to see that there are realists left in the world! 😀

  6. There is a website (or used to be) despair.com that makes fun of those inspirational posters. Good for a laugh. I’ve always thought those phrases and things were a joke as well.

  7. Aaah this is so on point!
    Most of the time I wonder if those motivational quotes actually help out. Like they sound so unrealistic most of the time.
    Though, “I’m too busy”, the accuracy I tell you. Like if you’re busy, go ahead and work instead of broadcasting it everywhere.
    Such a wonderful post though!

  8. It’s from song called “Fire” by BTS.
    I am not sure whether you are aware of their works, but they are my favorite band 🙂
    Here is a link to the song :

    (enable the closed captions in youtube, since the song is in Korean)

    I hope you enjoy the song 🙂

  9. Not much on motivational quotes or memes. (or even tweets)
    Wisdom takes time to work through something, apply it, work through it some more. It’s not measured in 60 characters, or 140.
    But the reason they are popular is what bothers me more. People want cure-alls, simple-sounding solutions for their problems, something that gives them the ability to ignore the problem, rather than deal with the problem, struggling thru it. They would much rather look t a few words, and leave the problem to rot and ferment in the background

    Likewise, Churches having ‘mission statements” and visions statements that mimic the business world. When asked what ours is, I always get a “you can’t say that”, or “that isn’t right, you need something more visionary”, or “if you say that, people won’t come to your church”. What they are really saying it is that it is too blunt and honest and real-time.

    Here it is – Concordia is the place where broken people find hope and healing in Jesus while helping others heal. Simple, to the point and damn accurate, even if it doesn’t meet the standards.

  10. I found myself thinking of that early line in the movie, “The Switch” ( Bateman/ Aniston) where she says something “motivational”, and his character asks whether she bought the CDs ….”well, yes”

  11. As a mom, I am the queen of the inspirational quote. Sometimes my daughter needs that little pep talk, so I go into “coach” mode. And sometimes, you hear a good one and it makes you think. But yeah….some of them are just stupid

  12. Just seen this… and it struck a nerve, mainly because I do use them!
    The motivational quote is a soundbite and as such yes you can drive a bus through its meaning.
    Sticking it on (or below) a pretty picture enables someone to display it.

    I know a number of people who have low self esteem, suffer from depression and anxiety. They have read the books, seen the doctors and all that – and on the wrong day will just dismiss all support. However, having these little phrases dotted around their houses are the paper equivalent of musical earworms… they may be overlooked some of the time but they’re there and ready to burrow. They can help.

    But I’ll acknowledge that they might not be for everyone. I quite liked Jack Handley as a motivational speaker as his were quite clever and subtly witty.

    One observation though: I think you should be yourself. If the company’s psych eval determines you’re not a good fit for the company is this really a company you’d want to work for? Why make yourself a round peg to fit in a round hole… oops, almost fell into a motivational cliche there! 😁
    Good post.

  13. I agree, for people this can work.
    Although, I had (maybe still have) a low self esteem, I always remained a realist.
    Plus, I’m very skeptical 😉

    I do agree that you should be yourself at work, but limited. You will never be friends with every colleague. This is something I am definitely not aiming for either. But if the work ethics don’t suit you, definitely don’t stay.
    I made that mistake this year. Only because the money was good. NEVER AGAIN.
    Ps. I found a better job which I do liek who pays even more 😉 – hurray me

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