Out of sight, out of mind

The first time I promised that this wasn’t going to happen is when I met a great group people in my first year abroad in Denmark.
We were all interns and felt excited for a new adventure.
For half a year we would meet every day after work to cook together, drink tea and go on trips in the weekends.
At the end of the year, we said goodbye with tears in our eyes. Promising each other to stay friends for ever.

I knew I was going to return after the Christmas holiday to continue working for the company, but was afraid my social life wouldn’t be as awesome as before.
I booked my train trip to home which usually takes 14 hours.
Only this time, we were stuck at Hamburg main station due to a snowstorm.
There was no other option than socializing with others.
I talked  to random people until we formed a group.
We ate burgers and fries at 2 AM.
We laughed. We got a bit drunk. We told each other embarrassing moments in our life.
After this night, we were going to remain best of friends and meet each year on 18th of December at Hamburg main station.

After my holidays, I went back to Denmark.
New friendships were formed. New embarrassing stories were told.
New pictures were added to my photobook. New goodbye’s were said.

For the years living abroad this has been a fact.
People never stayed long, except for me.

As you can imagine, “Out of sight, out of mind” was reality.
But when I hear songs that were popular at that time, I remember how we danced on the kitchen floor, how we took long car trips to the sea and how we went to fancy restaurants.

Today it’s the 18th of December.
I won’t be going to Hamburg.
I won’t be meeting any of those people I was having fun during a snowstorm.
We never kept contact.
But I  will always remember that night.

“Out of sight, out of mind” – True.
But never really “Out of Heart”. Not even my Skeptical Heart. 



9 thoughts on “Out of sight, out of mind

  1. I am only guessing actually because I never heard anything from any of them (except for one that I actually ended up dating for 2 months – but that’s maybe for another blog 😉 ). I never went back on that particular day, on that particular time.
    Maybe next year.

  2. It is sad. Since social media isn’t really my thing, I have no idea where they are now in their life.
    Maybe one day they will find my blog 😉

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