They say the first few years of your life are the foundation of a child’s (mental) health, developments, achievements, happiness and anything life has to offer.

The first 5 years of my life I have moved 4 countries and 3 cities in the last country.
Needles to say, my childhood evolved around “change”.

When I started high school, I choose the school which was nearby my house. Even though I knew it only offers the first 3 years of the education. I knew I would have to CHANGE school again after that period.

When I started university, I CHANGED my studies within 3 months.

After graduation, I CHANGED country to accept a job abroad.
I knew the job would require me to travel, plus I also wanted to make sure I would be in the Netherlands at least every 2nd month. So there was also quite a bit of CHANGE in environment.

I have recently CHANGED my job for the 4th time.

Naturally I have never allowed myself to feel too attached with an environment, routine or people.
I was fine with the lifestyle, but as I am getting to a more mature age, I am naturally also getting more tired.
Time to make the last change for at least the next few years!

Both my boyfriend and I agree that it is time to move to a house which is bigger and newer and nicer.
Our current situation wouldn’t allow us to move to another location. We would both like a quieter, smaller town.

Change, for him, doesn’t come as easy as for me.
He is not unhappy in his job. He is not uncomfortable in the  house.
So, he took his time with searching for a new job. I felt the stress all over again which I felt when I searched for my job.

Finally, we’re there, in the last phase.
Nothing is 100%, but I am counting on that he will get a good offer so he can resign from his current job.

Then finally, 2018 could be last year of large changes.

There is one more change I would like and is needed as well: change to a new

How do you deal with changes?

14 thoughts on “Change

  1. it depends the change, i suppose. when i was 13, my parents decided to move to their ‘home’ land, so i was an odd duck in the school, the new kid, new language, new friends, new culture and traditions. it was horrible. i was happy with my life the way it was. during my late teens i developed a chronic disease that eventually caused me to go blind. the people surrounding me were suffocating me with their pity and sympathy and i finally left the country, my friends and everything behind – that, was a change i really needed. so you see, in my opinion, it depends.


  2. I grew up in a small town in the upper Northeast corner of the USA. Moved to Los Angeles, when I was 16 and have been changing ever since. In our first 12 years of marriage, we moved 9 times – I have had 14 jobs in 40 years, the longest being my present job of 9 years.

    As someone on the Asperger’s spectrum I didn’t deal with change well – until I made change my only normal thing in life, except for God and my family 🙂 Now I kinda go crazy without something changing.


    1. Haha. That will always happen. People are afraid of change, but routine is boring 😀
      Have you ever mentioned to be from an italian family? I always pictured you in Italy to be honest!


      1. I may have in a blog, and to honest, I could easily live in the outskirts of Rome or Positano. Loved the place and felt more home there in minutes despite not feeling at home in California in 36 years.
        My adopted family on my moms side is typical Italian, with all the fun stories that you expect.


  3. I learned to deal with change and now I am not bother at all by changes.i tend more to see them like an opportunity.i wonder if I would be able to keep the same attitude in front of changes bringing a downfall.probably not .🤓


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