The “weaker” gender

I was watching Project Runway the other day.
A competition which allows fashion designers to create clothing for something they think a modern woman would like to wear.
At one point, 4 girls and 3 guys remained.
Remarkable was the fact that the guys designed  beautiful ball gowns all made of chiffon and satin.
Meanwhile the girls played around with harder fabrics making it wearable for both mums and career women who’d like to remain stylish.

Not all women want to be trophy wives and be pretty in pink all the time.

Women are often portrayed as the “weaker” gender.
I have not been surrounded by too many females in my life, but can give the example of my parents.

Dad doesn’t like any type of argument. This also means he will rarely speak up for himself and rather just quietly deal with nasty situation.
Mum, however, will make sure she reports any complaints clearly.

I remember buying quite expensive shoes one day of my own pocket money.
After one week of field trip they were completely torn. I could have sworn I was careful with them.
My mum took me back tot the store and rambled on to the poor girl behind the cash desk until she had to bring in the manager. Maybe he wanted to get rid of my mum, but I ended up getting 100% of my money back.
It was a bit embarrassing at the time, but I was still thankful getting my 100 euro back.

As for my own relationship, I think I am also playing the part of the stronger female.
One vacation we booked a hotel with my specific requirement of having a bath tub. Once there, the room was not exactly the size we paid for.
My boyfriend shrugged his shoulders, but I thought it was worth it having a talk with the manager.

I have written before about my own experiences with women who were not supportive of the “feminist” choices I made in my life. But I am also a big promoter of those females who have achieved so much. Those who remain calm, but do strive for their own personal goals and stand up for themselves.

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