The working mum & dad

As a child I often complained to my parents why we didn’t go holidays every year, why they didn’t buy super expensive clothes and why we couldn’t afford the actual coca cola brand instead of the cheap artificial one.

My parents were from the lower paid class.
My dad’s an electrician, my mum’s a stay at home mum.
Despite the underrated salary, they did their uppermost best to make the house a home, save money for more fancy clothes or vacations and raise up two children providing them with a good education.

I don’t think I appreciated all of this until only a few years back.
I got to know people of my age who told me that they were quite spoiled, but on the downside, hardly ever get to see their parents.

Looking back, I do have nice memories of my youth.
On a cold day, mum would await with tea and cookies. On a hot day, she would have ice cold self made lemonade.
Dad would start early at work, but always arrive home before dinner (which we had at 5 o’clock).
In the evening he and I would go for a walk. We talked about the day and worries I had. These “walk & talks” have helped me tremendously.
Life was simple, but filled with love.

I am now getting at the age (27) where slowly I could think of children.
Me and my boyfriend’s work life is completely different than that of my parents.
We both get up early, work for 8-9 hours and then are stuck in traffic.
However, both our salaries do allow us to buy whatever we want at the supermarket and go on vacation 3-4 times a year.

The time we have in a regular day is limited.
And as for now it’s OK.
But if we decide to have children, one of us going to have to take a step back.
For all I know, we’re both too proud of it (as it is now).

I read a lot of blogs of mommies who have chosen to raise of their children instead of “dumping” them at a baby sitter or grandparents.
I think it’s an incredibly brave step and most definitely you will make your child’s future happier and safer. I know I benefit from it, despite not having the “luxuries” which most my classmates did have.

13 thoughts on “The working mum & dad

  1. This is probably very different for where I come from in Norway were everyone stay home the first year with their kids(mum and dad could split it if they want to and they get paid that year as if they have their regular job) and then after the first year almost all kids go to kindergarten 🙂


    1. I know in Scandinavia things are very well arranged for mums & dads! I have lived a couple of years in Denmark myself! 🙂
      I think it’s a wonderful system, In the Netherlands the mum gets 3 – 4 months. The dad only a few days 😦
      I am all for the Scandinavian approach!

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      1. I think it’s a good thing too, seems to be good for the families, but it is also very good for the economy since it keeps a lot more women in the job market, probably because people feel like they are able to do both work and family 🙂

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  2. So in America, in the business environment, the new mum gets 6 weeks off at 75% of pay when she gives birth, that is if she worked up until she was due. So! Either you quit and don’t get that pay and have to find something else when you’re ready, or you send your child to a nanny or daycare and go back to work 9 hours a day.
    I would have loved to stay home a bit longer with my baby but I had to work. My ex is a tow truck driver so he doesn’t make what we needed to live cheaply!


    1. Oh man. That’s really quite back. It’s incredible how many differences there are in the world concerning this topic.
      If you stay away for some time to take care of your kid, the next employee will tell you to explain the “gap in your CV”. Being a mother is not a good excuse for asshole managers

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  3. Divan clanak draga.
    I’m a stay-at-home mom. I get to work in the evenings when hubby’s back from work and at the weekends. I need this to get my mind off diapers and bottles. Still, I’m enjoying this time with my kid so much, I’m fine this way, not going back to work full time. At least for the first 3 years. Once he starts with the kindergarten, I will start thinking about sth steadier. For now, we’re happy.


  4. Just like you I had a stay at home mum. We didn’t live with our dad for most of our lives, but he did still play an active part in it. We never had alot of money or possesions, but our mum was always there for us and to her, that was important. I’ve found that since having children of my own, I view things in the same way as her in that, I too want to be able to be here for my kids rather than spending all day at work and missing out on everything

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