Sleeping habits

Saturday night, 10 pm.
Outside there is a sound of a few youngster who are about to get drunk before going to a party.
Inside, a squeaking sound of the bed when he turns  and a light snoring sound of mine is to be heard.
Yup, it doesn’t get more exciting than this.

I have a complicated relationship with sleeping.
Although I love the feeling after a good night of sleep, I do also feel like it’s a waste of time.
That is probably why I don’t allow myself to sleep a bit longer on the weekend, even though my body and mind both need it.

Lately  I have noticed my body requires more sleep.
Too often I decide to lay down for “just fir a few minutes”, only to wake up 2 hours later.
“Powernap”, they call it.
 But honestly, I wake up more tired and confused than I was.

I am certainly not an evening person.
It has happened before during party that I would go to the toilet just to sleep for a little.
And even when watching a movie at home I find it hard to keep my eyes open after 9 pm.

In general, I have very little problems with falling asleep.


To end the blog with an odd fact about me:
I do need to listen to something when I am planning to fall asleep.
Anything from funky music, a movie or peaceful meditation.

How are your sleeping habits?

11 thoughts on “Sleeping habits

  1. I’m on average blessed with good sleeping unless I’m overwhelmed by things to do or worries.I usually read few pages always before collapsing.now it’s time for my book and my sleep.nighty nighty😴


      1. I haven’t taken the picture in the country I live in (the Netherlands), but took just in our neighbor country Belgium. I think it’s really cute. I will try to find out if it has a meaning. It was in Antwerp.

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