Being desperate

Someone told me the other that I come across as “desperate” because I answer emails/messages almost immediately.
“It seems like you have nothing to do and quite frankly, you seem a bit too desperate to finding ways to interact with people”.

First of all, I really want to thank people who have so little brain activity  and “quite frankly seem desperate” to insult others because they have nothing better to do in their tiny little life.
You guys give me so much inspiration to write blogs!
Seriously, without you I could have never have this amount of followers. 😀

What she noticed, is correct however.

When it comes to work, I like to focus on the task I am working on.
But if I see an email popping up which requires very little time to answer or research, I will definitely not wait answering and if I can, also delete immediately.
Leaving emails like that in my mailbox, stresses me out.

My personal email (which I created 10 years ago) is also filled with spam.
No thank you, I would not like to purchase Viagra pills.
This is something that creeps me out to. Everyday I spend some time on deleting and blocking these type of emails.
The emails that I do keep are certainly not older than 1 month, unless it’s something important.

As for social media, I have noticed that I find it hard to reply immediately.
Which could leave people annoyed or disappointed.
For this reason, I have decided to take a break of WhatsApp.
I am sure I will be back on it, maybe even in a week, but for now I simply don’t have the energy.
My Instagram is typically quiet, so that isn’t too bothering. Haha.
As for this blog, I really want to continue writing and reading. As I mentioned earlier, it’s like therapy for me 🙂

What about you guys?
Are you  organized with emails and messages ?

21 thoughts on “Being desperate

  1. Because I am sick I get a lot of messages from people asking how I am doing or how an appointment went. Super nice! But answering to all of them at the same time, knowing it will start a conversation is a bit too much for me sometimes. My inbox is full of e-mails and spam. I read them on my phone and don’t delete them immediately.

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  2. when when i dedicate a few hours to blogging, i answer every comment within minutes. guess that makes us both desperate then. and oh? i had this e-mail full of spam too – though i don’t think viagra made it to my inbox. so i deleted my account – which i had for fifteen years, and made a new one. every time i get a spam i check it as spam. i haven’t gotten one for more than a year.

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    1. Yes, haha. We are both “desperate”.
      actually I have been thinking about making a new email address. But then informing everyone about it is not something I look forward to. Not just friends, but also all formal business 😦

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  3. I’m pretty much like you. I reply email as soon as I get it, and when I get spam, I even have to mark everything as read just so I don’t have any kind of unnecessary notification on my email inbox. Maybe I’ve got OCD, email-wise. I’m not even sorry. 🙂

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  4. I am some who loves routine and is extremely organized, and being retired makes that easier…sometimes. I love having my coffee with my “mail”, like most. What I find with the blogging world is we don’t all have coffee at the same time. I can be getting ready to go to start my day while people on the other side of the world are winding down I think it’s neat, but funny to think that correspondence will come at random time. Didn’t really answer your question, but my thoughts. Have a good day. And PS. I agree with you. Why are people worried about what YOU do and not what THEY do.

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  5. I try to take care of things as they come across my desk. Some days I’m Very busy and if I don’t tend to it while I’m thinking about it, it may slip through the cracks. So I answer emails almost immediately too! You just do what you do Andrea and don’t let anyone tell you different! 🙂

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  6. As I spend much of some days on the computer doing research, it provides me with a little break every now and then.
    But this week it seems like I am getting 80-100 emails every two hours – most of them ads or pleas for donations from non-profits 1000 times or more bigger than my little parish…. I used to just delete – but now hit unsubscribe, which seems to double the incoming mail from them for some reason.


  7. I will only say I’m glad there is so many people who answer straight away,if possible,like me.either there is a full world of desperate people out there or whoever told you that was desperate to find something,never mind as stupid and offensive,to say😜I m not sure I answer this post quickly but surely I’m been quick to put a line on all the fast responders here🤓
    I hate when people takes ages to answer texts or e mail.
    A quick answer is a matter of good manners not a signs of desperation .
    Have a good day dear and keep answering pronto….unless you couldn’t bother because of who the text is coming from….🤣❤️


  8. I try to be really organized with correspondence, and answer within an hour. Don’t care if it seems “needy”, I think it’s the right thing to do. But, that being said, when I go through a busy time, like now, I find that I have to set aside dedicated time to respond to things, so it may take a bit before I get to it


  9. I feel the need to reply automatically, too, especially when it comes to work because I worry it’s something important and I generally like to be on top of things. It nags at the back of my mind. I worry I might be a bit of a people pleaser when it comes to these things. I don’t like people to get annoyed at me so do I make myself too readily available? I like to think it’s just to respect other people’s time, but I think it’s primarily, “I don’t want this person to get mad at me,” which is why I try to make my emails sound as pleasant as possible, too. I’ve been trying to use less smiley faces in my messages now. I know this is a whole woman vs man thing, too, which really intrigues me.
    But also, the person who said that to you… ugh, I can’t stand when people say these things like it matters how I come off to others. And people who think like that… I feel like something is so inherently wrong with people who analyze behavior like that. It makes me think… wow you must work really hard to come off a certain way to other people–which I think is worse than anything, really. Do they think to themselves all the time, “Oh, if I do this, I might come off desperate. Oh, if I do this, they might think I have no other friends.” Have fun with your mind games! What a fun way to live! If anything, that is the desperate thing to do, in my opinion.

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