Does being an expert make you a good teacher?

Right after my education of Electrical Engineering, I got to work for a Technical Training department.
My colleagues both created courses and taught them in a class full of students.

“Are you comfortable with teaching”, was one of the first questions.
I wasn’t.
Doing a presentation at school was one of my worst nightmares.
My manager saw the fear in my eyes and made me a Training developer at first.

In the first few months I was doing background research and gained a lot of technical knowledge.
Due to this, I was convinced I could easily teach a class.

I might have had the technical knowledge, but teaching is something completely different.
I had no pedagogical skills whatsoever.
So I was send to 9 month course to learn all the ins and outs of teaching.
And that really did help.

Being a parent basically also makes you a teacher.
A teacher about life, safety in and around the house, communication, how to get through puberty.
Things we have all have experienced.
So, you could say. “we’re experts”.
But, does that make us good parents too?

Last week there were two occasions, on the same day, where I recognized that parenting is definitely one of the hardest tasks, but some might just not be extremely good at.

I drove to the store to get some groceries.
As I wanted to park my car, 4 kids, not older than 9 years, jumped in front of it.
They were pulling faces towards me and also I heard them calling me names.
That’s all fine. But what bothered me the most, their dad stood right there.
After one minute, nothing happened. I had no choice but to honk my horn.
One of the kids started crying cause he didn’t expect a loud noise.
What followed after that, was the dad getting angry with me for being so irresponsible and making his boy cry.

No need to say, I was overflowed with anger and emotions.

I got into the store and looked at some hair care products.
Definitely after that situation I needed some pampering time.

2 young kids, of barely 12, stood nearby me and looked at the hair dye products which presented a woman with the hair color it was supposed to turn into.
“Would you F* her”, the girl asked to the boy.
On which the boy replied “No, I don’t fall for black haired women”.

Did that just really happen?
Again, their mum was 2 meters again from the scenery.
She said nothing.
She just laughed.

I went home as soon as I could.
The whole situation made me cry and feeling disappointed.
And as terrible as it sounds, I don’t think every adult is cut out to be a parent.

19 thoughts on “Does being an expert make you a good teacher?

  1. I have another example of an expert not being good as a teacher: Our chemistry teacher. He had done some work as chemical scientist before he started at school, but he was a terrible pedagogue. He went back to work in some company.

    It was hard for him to see how we had to start from zero and when he made us do chemical equations, he lost us – we were about 12 and not all of us could follow him there.


  2. true, not everyone is cut out to be a parent, but they only find that out after the second kid and the pressure kicks in. many times i sit at night and wonder if i could have changed a situation with my kids (i ave three) that i didn’t handle right earlier. it’s a learning expirience, and it’s very tricky. but … i’d never let my kid, nine , ten or twenty, speak in a vulgar manner, at least with me standing right there beside him. i certainly wouldn’t laugh.


      1. media , yes. and when you control what your kid watches and listens to, they will learn from other kids. my eldest is eleven and he has quite a range of – filthy words. but if i hear him using one, he gets a very long scolding + a grounded. i know he knows them, probably uses them in the presence of other kids since it
        ‘s coool and makes him popular, but in the presence of adults, he is a polite kid

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  3. Absolutely no:being an expert and doesn’t mean you are good teacher.you might know a lot and still not being able to explain it and teach or you can be a genius full of knowledge and having no social skills required for you to teach your wisdom to others.I am afraid knowing about kids and having kids don’t mean you are a good parent either.


  4. I have heard this quote: Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach.”

    Now having said that it’s really not fair to those who teach, as teaching is a gift and not all have it. Not even those who are really good at a thing can teach it.

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  5. they really are shocking these days, aren’t they? there was a time when i was sure they were doing for a reaction. now it really has become typical social/street language. and they don;t hear and process it in the same way that the next generations ahead do; its not hitting any of their ‘triggers’. culture shifts at exponential speed make for rifts across society and this is a blatant example.
    and while i am all for enlightened parenting, the System has also morphed in such a way that parents are often bullied out of parenting as they see fit. i’ve met several parents who’ve said, reprimand your child and you could end up with social services at your door, phoned in by some ‘caring’ bystander in some place you have recently been.
    i would wish both fortitude and open mindedness for parents in these days. as hard as it is to be a parent, it must be doubly hard to be a kid.


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