Why do woman feel the constant need to prove themselves

The women I have met within the male domination environment I am working with, have hardly ever been those with a technical background.
To be fair, I have always been the only one in between Personal Assistance, Admin care-takers or what ever fancy title they have come up with over the years.

I will be honest, these ladies have not been my favorite people to hang out with.
For nothing less than their personalities.

They always seem to put too much effort in clothing, hair and make up.
Once one of them asked me “You are a woman too, why don’t you dress up a bit”, along with a link of an online shop who sells dresses.
Well, thanks for thinking my clothing style is crap.
It is very simple, true.
But in my defense, I work with technicians and engineers.
Walking around in high heels and dresses wouldn’t make me popular with them for the right reason.
Besides,  I am very comfortable with what I am wearing.

Then, just because they are assisting the manager, they might get to hear the “gossips” prior to anyone else.
They are secretive about it and just feel so proud of it.
I HATE gossiping. No exception.
Anyone who does that, can stay away from me.

They always prefer some colleagues (handsome men) over others (simple dressed girls who are a possible “threat” to their “popularity”.
I have noticed that I always had to remind them a little more often and wait a little bit longer for something simple but necessary, which only they can do.

They sell proudly that they are working with men only (and me), but have NO interest whatsoever in the technology about it.

Last but not least, they are so incredibly, terribly loud.
If someone listens to someone else rather than them, they will start shouting to gain attention.
They will bring a home made cake to increase their popularity.
They will make their cleavage just a bit more visible.
They will just do a few extra shitty tasks the manager has demanded of them.

I really hope it were just my experiences, but I do think it’s common known that women are competing a lot with each other. Someone being jealous at them, seems like the largest achievement.

And why?

In all fairness, I am not one of those women “who hate women”, but I prefer men.

What about you?
What is your experiences with “working with women”?

16 thoughts on “Why do woman feel the constant need to prove themselves

  1. I very much enjoyed this post and find it very interesting.i think sometimes women are the first to low themselves just trying to show at every cost what they worth.They don’t need to,they think they compete with men but actually they only compete with themselves and loose in serenity .
    It’s the same with some working mother I know that ally have to specify that and makes you,that don’t work,like a useless little good housewife.I had to defend my choice to quit my work so many times that I got sick of it.I have been once asked why being a such good educated and clever woman I gave up everything to let my husband pursue his career and accepted to stay behind with the kids.I was speechless and didn’t replay asking why she had 3 kids under 9 if she doesn’t like to stay at home and let them 6days a week with a young au pair who changes every six months.I never dreamed of judging her so why would she judge me?may be the fact is that I m happy with my life and she is not the same of your colleagues:they took up a role because they don’t like what they are.

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    1. I have huge respect for stay at home moms! No matter what people say.
      Each time I’d come from school my mom would be waiting with tea and cookies. We’d talk or watch something funny. And I know for sure that if one day I have children, I will do the same!
      I only do career for the money, because I don’t want to see my education go to waste and because I don’t what else to do.
      But I do think you learn much more about life by raising your children, rather than 80% of the time a manupalitive boss.
      I am happy you took decision!

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      1. Thank you.that is comforting.i suppose sometimes you have to work as much as sometimes you have to stay at home and when there is an imperative verb involved is never right,ideally.we should do what makes us happy and be happy with what we have without judging,without being judged and without constantly compare our lives with others.have a nice Wednesday my dear❤️

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  2. bravo
    In my work life experience. the female engineers, technicians and specialists, aexecutives, military officers, and entrepreneurs all possess “it” that made them successful. Integrity, competence, sense of purpose and confidence. None of this should come at the expense of individuality. or using sexuality to gain attention. Still, women are underrepresented in STEM fields.
    A great read.

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    1. Female Engineers are cool, I agree. Those that I have met, I looked up to!
      I agree that women are underrepresented in STEM fields, but in all fairness not many women even try to get in. If there would be more, we would stand stronger.

      thanks for your comment 😀

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  3. I prefer a male boss over a female boss, but have never had issues working with women other than the usual personality clashes as we’re all different. I figure I put up with their quirks and they can put up with mine:)

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  4. gosh, this is an excellent offering at an excellent time. how does what women project (based on cultural subliminal molding from birth) directly affect what they get back? i have always marvelled at how women work so hard to compete for men in ways that a lot of men dont generally give a hoot about. some sort of deep imprint on the psyche of western culture is being dredged up from the sludge and i hope we don’t ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ in terms of how we try to interact as males and females and all the spectrum of identities in between these now fluid descriptors. for sure, it will be like much else these days: like turning the titanic!
    congrats on staying true to you no matter what the bullies do; their career cieling is so low and their mindset is becoming archaic.

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    1. That is so true.
      For a split second, men can like the make up and clothing on women, but if you don’t perform correctly, that is all of very little use.
      I have had phases where I didn’t act like myself, but it takes a lot of energy. In the last couple of years I have learned a lot how divide my energy, because my energy level never seemed to high.

      Thank you for the comment 🙂

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  5. No need to prove anything to anyone regardless of the gender or any other physical or even the emotional traits and any other traits whatsoever not covered by above two, if any. I just commented this just by reading the tille. I am myself a big feminisit belonging to Masculine form but before all I was a human who came from womb of whom? Father?

    I will definitely read the post as I completed typing the letter “letter” !!

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  6. I have enormous respect for women who know what they want and don’t have the need to defend their choices to anyone. Women who constantly need to prove their worth and dominance I see as confused. I have never been in competition with anyone but myself. I’m working as a professor and a lecturer and find myself much more relaxed in male environment. All of us have our social and biological roles and I don’t see right that any gender should be entitled to anything.


    1. Likewise! In the end everyone will notice who is the nice, well managed and intelligent one.
      Your background is very impressive. I am always happy to hear when women (or anyone) strive to something that suits them 🙂

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