The “I love you” bomb

Dropping the “L bomb” in a relationship can be quite frightening for some people.
I am not sure if this is based on gender, but I was ready to confirm this after only two weeks of dating.
Even though it was clear that we loved each other equally, it took him a bit more time.
I actually got a bit impatient, so I “tricked” him with a reference of both our favorite Christmas movie:


He laughed played along.
Ever since this became a common thing to say to each other.


I grew up in a home where this was very common to say.
In fact, I remember when I would come from school, my mum would wait for me in hugging mode. And when my dad would arrive 2 hours later from work, I would be at the door to give him a hug. Excited like a little puppy.
This has never been a forced action, it always just seemed like the right thing to do.
He, however, grew up with 3 older brothers, so I could imagine that might have been a bit more of a boundary.

Even though I was raised with all this love, I do limit the”I love you’s ” to my parents, my boyfriend and our little buddies in the fish tank.

In the few cases that I felt unloved, I simply put on any beauty or vlogging channel on youtube.
9 out of 10 times they start of end with “I love you guys so so SO much and I have missed you so so SO much”.
You love me?
You missed me?
I just can’t help but to cringe.

I don’t tell friends either that I love them.
I simply really don’t love them. I do like them, obviously.
Very rarely I’d give them a hug when they burst into tears. I’d rather shove a box of tissues in their direction and give them genuine smile.
I have the best intentions really, but I just don’t know if people feel comfortable with such an approach.
Even with friends. I’ve hardly ever tried. I have never asked either.

Someone told me once that she demands her husband to say 3 times “I love you” each day, otherwise she would break up with him.
Uhm, awkward.
There is no point in forcing it.
But you might also start wondering why he doesn’t say it often without this “treat”.
Then again, does this 3 word sentence is more important than a smile or holding her tightly during a horror film?

How often do you say “I love you”?
How important is it?

P.S. I love you 😉


12 thoughts on “The “I love you” bomb

      1. Sometimes he rolls his eyes at me but I will always do it. In the world today, anything could happen to any of us at any time. And there’s NO way I would not make him know how much I love him!

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  1. The only person who has ever said those words to me is my wife. And that is rare.

    Tell a lie, my friend Jane said it to me on her hen night. but she was very very drunk so it probably doesn’t count!


  2. I defynitely abuse of the word love🙄My husband,my girls,friends too at times but I suppose it also because in Italian we have to different verbs to say I love you depending if it is a “lovers love” or a “friendly/parental love”.having just one verb in English I have no choice😍

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