Self-confidence based on appearance

Have you ever had that moment when you basically tried any piece of clothing from your wardrobe and nothing seems to fit?
No matter how much you use the straightener, your hair looks like you’re an unintentional 80’s rockstar?
And that pimple only seems to get worse too!

Examples like these can make individuals very insecure.
I wish I could say that this was only the occasion during my teenage years, but also in my adult life I have been crying in front of the mirror, only making the, very little make up I wear, worse.

A part of me is still scared what people might say. Another part is scared what people might think.

The worse part is what people will talk about me behind my back.

The one which needs to be remembered within this case, and I am struggling with that, those who actually have the time to talk about someone behind their back, are probably not very important with a company or society.
So really, you don’t need to worry about them.

I recently started my new job.
Starting something new can be really scary. I was scared at least.
Not so much about having the right competences, but very much about what people would think of me.
Am I funny enough for them? Talkative enough? Friendly? Assertive?
Even worse, am I good looking enough to fit in the team.

Crazy, right?
Yet, in the current society, you cannot even blame me.

I remembered a conversation with a friend.
She struggled with being a woman in a male dominated work environment. Until she found the solution for herself. Instead of the usual skirts she wore, she now starting wearing “men style clothing for women”.
In my opinion she looked better. More confident.
And she started to feel and act like it too!

I told her experience to a couple of other people.
Some choose lucky underwear or socks.
Some decided on a whole new year style.

And me, I found an old watch.
I don’t know why this gives me a confidence boost, but me and my watch are inseparable now.

9 thoughts on “Self-confidence based on appearance

  1. Same feeling here. I recently bought a couple business ensemble – suit, shirts, tie, shoes. These boosted my self-image. I’m fed up wearing only wore jeans and tees and a couple golf shirts because I had put on a “few” extra pounds – 5 years now


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