Most people are afraid of dentists.
I am not one of those people.

In general I have always had good dental experiences.
When I was young, the dentist was a middle age, very funny guy.
Then he won the lottery and quit his job.

When I lived in Denmark, I had a lot of teeth issues.
A visit to the dentist was insanely expensive over there, but surprisingly enough, it was very relaxing (!)
I was placed in a message chair while listening to the procedure.
They put on some calming music and kept assuring me that everything was going well.

There are two things that do scare me about dentist visits:

  1. The total $$ amount
  2. That I won’t end up bursting into laughter when thinking back of that “Mr. Bean at the dentist” episode

mr bean.png

So I usually wait until my pain limit, which in general is quite high, is exceeded.
That happened this weekend.
I had no other choice than call up the weekend dentist, which is way more expensive.
There was no staying long in bed for me this Sunday, I was expected at 9 in the morning.
Oh joy.

So I put on my sweatpants and old t-shirt.
Especially because it was the day after Saturday evening I expected an older man to do my repair, but instead I got a young Brad Pitt look a like (!!!!)
Are you kidding me?
Internally, I was crying.


Nobody looks charming with their mouth open under a bright light anyhow.
The only thing that calmed is that if I look up I might see some of his flaws in the form of under chinning.
But OF COURSE Mr. Handsome didn’t have those either.

He however did not feel the need to update me on the steps he was undertaking.
The anesthesia as pushed into my gums without any warning whatsoever.

I did have the pleasure of admiring perfect itself for two hours until the root canal treatment was finished.

But hey, now I look like an actor too!
Which one?



12 thoughts on “Dentist

    1. I moved too many times to stick to one, but definitely it’s important to feel comfertable at the dentist.
      I’ve been through almost any type of dental treatment so I can handle anyone, just not mr. handsome πŸ˜…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no. I wish I never watched that film!

      But this picture is from another show, “mr. Bean”, which is quite the opposite – comedy.
      It’s british. Not sure if it’s popular in the US


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