The first step

It was already cold and dark when I stepped out of my car.
I couldn’t wait to enter my home and get me a cup of tea and put on some comfy clothes.
Plus, I was a bit hungry.

Before all that could happen I still had to pay for my parking ticket.
I have zero patience with these machines.
They are slow and usually the amount is ridiculous.
So there was me waiting, frustrated, until it gave the sign to push the next button.

Two ladies stopped near the machine.
They talked loudly.
“You know, a man should take the first step”, number 1 giggled, “he is just so shy, I don’t know what he will think but I do think he is the love of my life”.
“Yeah, but he really does seem to be into you”, number 2 confirmed.

I rolled my eyes.
Were these 30 year olds behaving like high school girls.
Machine was still slow.
Wind was cold.
And all I could think of was  that big ass chocolate bar I saved up.

“What makes it more difficult is the facts that we are colleagues”, number 1 again.
That’s where she got my attention.
My machine pushed out the ticket, but instead of going home I decided to interfere.
This story was just a little too familiar.

“Ask him out”, I shouted.
“Pardon me?”, she responded.
I explained her my story.
Sometimes a woman has  to take the first step towards finding the love her life or any other kind of happiness.
If I hadn’t asked him out, my (love) life wouldn’t be what it is now. And it’s pretty damn good!

What do you guys think?
Is it ok for women to take the first step or should we keep it traditional?

13 thoughts on “The first step

    1. I have noticed that too. Usually it are the arrogant types which makes them act even more arrogant.
      As long we keep in mind that they are actually insecure, it will only makes us even stronger 💪

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Women like to be approached by men.
      However, if he is not mr. Sixpack, he is immediately a creep.
      Unfortunate, but true in most cases.

      Personally, I was happy with anyone starting a conversation with me.


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