What makes you beautiful

“You’re beautiful from the inside”.
I hate this phrase.
Literally the only person I would accept this from, is  a surgeon.

Even worse is “You have such a beautiful soul”.
Unless you’re a ghost hunter, please don’t.

People probably mean well, but it is just so cheesy.
To me it feels like a “You look shit, but hey, you’re quite nice”.

What happened to the actual words to describe someone’s personality?
Kind, friendly, funny, patient, modest.

Beauty is looks. Appearance.

So, what does make you beautiful?

Apparently there are 7 facial beauty signs

In short:
1. A mole above your lips
2. A gap between your two front teeth
3. Freckles on your nose and cheeks
4. Naturally long and curled eyelashes
5. Almond shaped eyes
6. Dimples in your cheeks and/or chin
7. Blond hair with brown eyes or dark hair with blue eyes

Natural I am “blessed” with number 1 and 5.
Number 2 and 7 I did have, due to braces and dying my hair.

Which ones do you have?

So, scientifically I do not live up to the beauty standard, but for 4 years I actually earned the title of being the “prettiest girl in class”.
And this for the award winning reason: attending an Engineering education and thus couldn’t be compared to any other females.
Hurray me.

During my teenage years, looks have made me extremely insecure about myself.
Others were always prettier or had less acne.
Not only this was my own imagination.
I have always been compared to others by many others.
I have never chased for compliments, but neither I wanted to hear insults.

I wish I could ignore it all.
But even if you try, you don’t really get the chance, do you?

As soon as you step into a lift, you get confronted by a big ass mirror.
Whenever wash your hands after bathroom activities, you will not be able to ignore your own reflection.
Beauty magazines, television and internet tell us what to look like.

Maintaining a certain look takes a lot of energy.
You have to get up earlier to do your hair and make up.
You have to go 3 times a week to the gym to keep your “ideal” weight.
Comfortable clothes will most probably not show off your hips.

Today I imported all the holiday pictures on the computer of both this and last year.
Those weeks that I was care free, happy and relaxed.
And there is one thing I’ve noticed:
I look better when I feel good.  
Despite wearing a comfy sweater, no make up or anything done with the hair.
It might be the smile my on my face, a certain glow or the endorphins that blast through.

Since this is a fact, I have decided that  to focus on that first before starting any diets or buying expensive beauty products.
Let’s make the inside and soul happy, relaxed, friendly, kind, funny, modest and patient. 

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