Does nature needs to be commercialized?

Now that the coziest holiday season is approaching, discussions between religion and commercialism will also be raised.
And so, the jolliest time of the year disappears in anger and people trying to prove their point.

This thought provoked my brains as we walked near the Niagara falls.
Nature showed one of her most powerful forces.


Beauty of this calibre surely does not need to be commercialized, does it?

Yet, the entire area looked like an amusement park.
Casino’s, fancy hotels, too many restaurants to pick from.
And to show off the falls at night, the water was presented in different colors.

I will be honest, I am a sucker for all of this.
Let me show my collection of souvenirs (probably 1/4th of it) that I dragged 6500 km with me.
I simply couldn’t resist 😉


When going on holidays, I always choose those areas with as much as nature surroundings as possible.
But still, it will not stop me from purchasing my commercialized “necessities” 😉

How do you guys feel about this topic? Can you resist souvenirs?
Do you need to take billions of pictures to get as many likes on social media?

7 thoughts on “Does nature needs to be commercialized?

  1. What I’ve come to do now souvenir wise, I buy a magnet wherever I go. That way, every time I use it, I remember what we did there. I hate commercialization. I’m really surprised that the photos of Niagara Falls doesn’t show how much crap they’ve built around it. It is beautiful though! And glad to see you got some hockey memorabilia 😀

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  2. I am not a souvenir person. When I first started travelling a friend advised me to ignore the souvenirs and just buy one object I would use regularly that would remind me of the trip. This strategy has been super successful for me- a black purse from San Fran, a ring from San Diego, a tea towel from Maine, etc. I have something I needed to buy anyways and every time I use it, I remember the awesome trip:)


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