What does your partner think of your blog?

I never intended for my colleagues to find out that my boyfriend was working for the same company. But somehow, these things never stay secret.
Luckily it was a large company, so that made it difficult for them to recognize him. Although, some knew him vaguely.
The minute this was shouted out all over the office, colleagues started googling his name.
“Good luck suckers”, I thought.
I was never happier that he didn’t do any kind of social media.

That evening I took the “brave” step of releasing myself from social media and deleting every account I had.

About a year later , I started missing writing small stories and posting funny pictures which seemed to entertain people.
So I opened an Instagram account.
I will be honest, I find it annoying.
Too many hashtags. Too many (half) naked people.

Because a friend suggested to start blogging, I made a WordPress account.
It took me some time to understand how it works, but I definitely enjoy this more than any other social media I’ve ever had πŸ™‚

So, what does my boyfriend think of my blog?
He might find it slightly annoying that I am too often looking on my phone, certainly in the middle of the night.
But the nicest thing of all, despite that he is a great supporter of my blog, he told me once “I am actually getting to know you through your stories and understand you a lot better now”.


How does your partner/friends/relatives react to your blog?
















44 thoughts on “What does your partner think of your blog?

  1. I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years and my wife (married for 31 years) thinks it is a waste of time and rarely if ever reads it. Occasionally, she will ask a question only because one of her friends mentioned something they read. Two of my three daughters follow it and engage me on it.


  2. The social media thing… lets hug ❀️ I did that too and I don’t regret at all.
    My family loves the blog. Though not much of my friends know about it.
    This blog is a wonderful and best thing that happened to me❀️

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    1. I knowww!
      I haven’t told many of my friends either and I certainly keep it to myself from colleagues (since I haven’t described them as nice people, haha).

      Blogging has been the highlight of this year for me too πŸ™‚

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  3. That’s so lovely. My boyfriend also supports me in whichever way he can. He always pushes me to do something new and stay away from being idle. It’s great to have a partner who loves and understand you.


  4. My wife never reads mine unless I point something out to her. I think she would disapprove of the more emotional posts I have been writing of late as she is a very private person and sometimes expects me to be the same. I’m not in that box any longer and I’m not going back.

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    1. It can be difficult sometimes to live with someone who is opposite of you.
      I am like you, also more an open book. My boyfriend hardly ever shows emotions, which neutralize the relationship.
      But keep on writing! Many people do sppreciate your blogs πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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  5. Agreed, and thank you. I love my blogging friends and they are kind of family to me now. I used to be very closed off, largely due to constant anxiety and depression, but since August I feel reborn to be honest. It is great!

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  6. First,thanks for following me. I realize that I haven’t written for a while and that needs to change. My fiancΓ© supports my writing and actually has a blog of her own.
    Writing is a very personal experience especially in this venue of blogging. I hope to be a published writer one day but mostly write for my own cathartic reasons. Writing is NEVER a waste of time as it is cathartic and can be extremely helpful in resolving inner conflict and unresolved issues.
    Keep up the great work!

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    1. Welcome, I like discovering new sites!
      I wish I could make my money out of blogging too! It was my reason to start. But writing now gives me another satisfaction and feels like therapy to me.
      Thank you!


  7. I loved this. I a proud of you for your leaving Facebook etc and I chuckled at your Instagram analysis. So true. #loveyou , couldn’t resist that hashtag. I completely relate to your love of this blogging thing, but many of my friends don’t know. I just want to write. My husband has read a few and said, I don’t need to read them, you are like that in person. lol. it is what it is…. Have a nice evening. Loved this

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    1. Haha, the hashtag is awesome πŸ˜‰
      I see you travel a lot! If you havr instagram and post pics of your travels, i’d happy to follow you!

      Too bad you husband doesnt read them. Whenever I upload, I tell my boyfriend and he asks me to read it out loud. He isn’t subscribed to my site.

      Thank you πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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  8. My man is very supportive of my blog after I made him check it outπŸ‘¦πŸ”«πŸ”« of course…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ okay okay… maybe not so extreme but like you he did say it helps him get to know me more esp. Since we are still young in this relationship thing…

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  9. I agree, Instagram is kinda lame. I only use hashtags so my posts show up under certain tags, but I don’t bother posting frequently. Instagram is nice to share photos of stuff but the obsession some people have with making everything look perfect is a waste of time (in my opinion).

    I have no idea how my family and friends would react to my blog. No one in my immediate family knows about it and I’ve only told like three friends about blog, with two of the three who have actually read some of my posts. If my parents knew, I don’t think they would understand it very much since my dad is almost completely illiterate in English and my mom can only read and comprehend it on a basic level. Some of the words or things I discuss on there wouls likely be too complex for her to understand.

    In a way, I am glad most people in my life don’t know about my blog just because some of the stuff I discuss is stuff that is emotionally sensitive for me and quite hard for me to discuss in real life but I would rather write about it.


    1. My parents keep asking for my blog, but they don’t speak english either.
      I am bit relieved about tbh. I have always been the odd one out in the family, so i am not sure if they would understand me.

      About instagram: when i post something i put a bunch of hashtags. When reaching a certain amount, i delete the hashtags.
      I am terrible, i know haha πŸ˜…

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      1. Yeah, I know the awkward feeling of trying to explain a concept to my parents that is foreign to them, lol. I imagine it’s hard for them to get what a blog is.


      2. As for instagram hashtags, yeah, they are annoying. I only post for fun and it’s never serious about how many followers I have or anything. I got curious one time and googled how people manage to get so many followers on there. I was shocked to learn it’s actually possible for people to “buy” followers. Or the weird methods of publishing posts under hashtags and then deleting the hashtags to update them to more relevant terms as a way to get their posts to show up under recent search criteria. Honestly, all that is too exhausting and too much work! I don’t know how some people can stand doing that.


      3. My parents always tell me to not mention any personal stories or post any pictures of myself, but they do want get world famous and be on tv shows. UHM.
        So no, they don’t really get the point of blogging at all, haha.

        I am curious now about your Instagram account! Do you want to exchange?
        Not sure if mine on my site, but my username is “Benkonator90” :D.

        People are buying followers???? Oh hell no. That is really insane. And they complain about having depths. 😐


      4. Well, with posting personal stories and photos, I think that’s a bit unavoidable on blogs. I have yet to show a picture of how I look presently but maybe I will someday. I’m not afraid of showing myself, it’s that I’m worried about people I know in real life recognizing me. It might be an irrational fear to have because as far as I know, none of my family uses WordPress at all. I think more than half of them don’t even know about the existence of such a website lol.

        My instagram is where I post my cross stitch projects. I’m under the username blissfullypurple.


      5. On one hand I want to tell my new colleagues about my blog, but on the other hand I am deadly afraid they’d find out. Some might find it entertaining, but others have been raised up in a “perfect life” and would never understand anxiety!

        I will add you on insta if that’s ok!


      6. I know, to some people, openly talking about anxiety and the not so sweet sides of life is unimaginable. I see it as a freeing experience to better understand oneself.

        Sure, you can add me on Insta if you want to.


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