The one time my parents damaged my trust is when the my duck toy was put in the washing machine.
Although it could probably use a shower, I told the specifically not to.
By washing him, I felt like he would lose the magic, comforting spell he had over me.

As any 7 year old, I was very, VERY upset when he even shrank a little bit in the washing machine.
Yet, at that moment, mr. Duck was the only one who could stop me from crying.

Mum & dad felt pretty bad about the whole incident and assured me they would never break my trust in them.
And they never ever have again 🙂

I have been a minimalist, but if you touch that one thing I truly love, it will take some time before I can trust you again.

If a sales person betrayed me on a “such a good deal”, I would go as far as never even entering that store again.

Once, a friend invited me over to her place.
At that moment she lived in a student flat, which are known for how disgustingly dirty they are.
She, however, ensured me it was clean.
I did tell her to be pretty damn sure to bring a person with OCD in a place like that and also explained her the consequences.
She told me not to worry, I can assure you, her standards were different than mine.
From that point on, the friendship went downhill.

For these reasons I have been selective with letting new people into my life.
For those who are already in my life, I make sure the know my “set of rules”.
And in the meantime I am working being “easier to handle” too.
Really, I wish I was normal in that way. Life would be easier at least.

Has someone ever damaged your trust in them?
Or are you rather easy going with it?

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