The one day I would like to disappear from earth is on my birthday.
Luckily today is not that day.
But, it is my boyfriend’s birthday.
Since he has a couple of years long tradition of going on vacation in October, he “surprisingly” does like this day.

When I ask him what he would like me to gift him.
I get quotes like “I don’t know” or even worse “You are my present”.
You’re not getting away with it so easily, mister!

So, yesterday I thought I had a moment alone in the shopping mall to buy something when he suddenly popped up.
“Are you done already”, he asked, annoyed, because he doesn’t like shopping.
Surprise ruined.

My dislike for birthdays goes back to my youth.
At school, on your birthday, you were supposed to bring treats for the entire class.
My parents thought brining an apple for everyone would make me popular.

So there was me, standing on a chair in front of the classroom listening to everyone singingΒ  “Happy Birthday to you”.
I am not an attention seeker. I don’t like being in the spotlights.
I couldn’t wait for the moment to be over.

At home some presents were waiting for me.
Of course, this should be the fun part.
But I get easily overwhelmed by many impressions. Therefore, more than two presents confused me.

AndΒ  finally, the cherry the top on everything: I was born in July.
26 out of 27 times, I was obligated to celebrate my birthday in the hot burning sun.
Oh such joy.

So yeah, obviously I am not a fan of my birthday.
But if today, on Friday the 13th, happens to be your birthday, I do want to wish you the best day ever.

How do you handle your own birthday or someone else’s?

24 thoughts on “Bithdays

  1. That’s interesting that you don’t like birthdays! I’m also a July baby and I love my birthday. I celebrate it all week long lol.

    I also like making a big deal out of friends and families birthdays, if they’re into that kind of thing of course lol.

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  2. I don’t like my birthday much either, for a number of reasons…. a lot of traumatic things have happened on that day (including 4 friends dying )

    But it is challenging because I would rather just forget it, but as a pastor, all my people want to try and make it a special day. ( I didn’t let anyone know about it for years… then was told I was being selfish!)

    Had a good reason to celebrate the day 10 years ago, I baptized my son on that day…..


  3. oh girl, i can relate so much with you on this post. ‘The one day I would like to disappear from earth is on my birthday.’-that line really got me haha! And it’s super annoying when my boyfriend doesn’t help me at all with what i should give him on his birthday haha, he literally says the same things that you have written! I’m so glad i’m not only one who feels this way about birthdays. Btw, i recently wrote a post on ‘Birthday Anxiety’ if you want to check it out! Great read! xx


  4. I love my birthday but I hate parties. My birthday is also right around Mother’s Day, so I usually go to brunch with my family, and I usually have a girls night with my 2 closest girlfriends. Usually dinner for my husbands and daughters birthday. My husband and I don’t exchange gifts….but I do get my kid something

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  5. I make a big deal out of my birthday. When I found out my son was due on my birthday, I got a bit depressed. I didn’t want to share. Luckily, he was born 11 days before me! I am a late June birthday and can feel your pain of a hot one!


  6. I always wanted a birthday around June or July so that you’d get something fun every six months. My birthday is in December so you know what that means…


  7. Happy Birthday to your boyfriend! Praying his day was all God hoped for him.
    I was born on a Friday the 13th, and had my son on a Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is very common in our family for birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Every day is the day the Lord hath made!
    YOUR birthday is a testimony to God for another year of life. That makes the day and you worth celebrating in praises!!


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