Does the type of coffee you drink say something about your personality?

Ah, Fall seasons.
The time when all the hipsters are sipping their Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Wearing their skinny pants and oversized glasses.
14 year olds who think they’re drinking coffee, but actually are only consuming calories.


I started drinking coffee by the age of 16 when I was visiting my grandparents in Bosnia.
The usual coffee they drink over there originates from the “Balkan brew”.

The small cup leaves very little room to squeeze milk and sugar into the cup which is not pleasant for a starting coffee drinker cause ofย  strong taste.
My grandma would always serve it with biscuits which I would put in the coffee and continue until all the coffee was absorbed in the biscuit.
And that’s how started “drinking” coffee.

Back in the Netherlands, my mum made regular coffee from a filter machine.
Drinking coffee with parents might have been the beginning of me bonding as an adult with them. And that felt really cool.
There was, however, more milk and sugar than actually coffee in my cup.

I went through a couple of phases with drinking coffee or not drinking it all.
Age, probably, gave me the wisdom to stick to black coffee.

Black coffee is the simplest, purest way of drinking coffee.
No time wasting with sugar, milk and stirring the two together.
No additional calories.
No losing of taste to something which is already perfection itself.

I looked up if the type of coffee you drink could say something about your personality.
And of course the internet had a theory.

Let analyze:
– straightforward:ย  CHECK
– Likes to keep things simple: CHECK
– Quiet, but moody: I can be moody, yes (if I didn’t have my morning coffee ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
– All about minimalism: CHECK

What about you guys? Does it fit?


14 thoughts on “Does the type of coffee you drink say something about your personality?

  1. Lol great post! I actually don’t drink coffee because my grandma told me it would make me short. By the time I figured out it wasn’t going to make a difference it was just too late to get hooked๐ŸคฃI’ll stick with my tea:)

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