Was the view worth the climb?

We were out in the nature yesterday.
One of the attractions was a lookout point which promised an amazing view over the entire park.
However, to get there, you had climb up a quite steady, steep hill.
For someone who didn’t exercise for 1 year this might be a challenge.
Not to mention a warm October sun and you forgetting to bring water.

So there are we, struggling and gasping on our way up.
I cannot deny that I was feeling super annoyed halfway our trip.
I was sweating like crazy. And My calves were burning.
I started wondering if  the view will really be worth the climb.

However, I’m still that kind of person who simply feels too proud to give up, so I continued dragging my weight up the hill.

We got there finally.
An amazing view lay before us as promised.
We, and the 1 billion other tourist, couldn’t wait to take snapshot of the beauty that nature offers.  And of course a couple of pics with your face in front of it too.

The open space offered no shadows, which is wonderful under a hot burning sun, obviously.

So, was the view worth the climb?
Yes and no.

Yes, because take a look at this:
Plus, burning calories is always a positive thing.

But also, no, it was not worth it.
It took long before I sneaked my way through the crowd to finally take the picture.
It was too hot.
It was too touristic.

Our reason for going on holiday is to get away from people, just the two of us, and have our peace and calm in the nature. That’s why we booked in October.

We simply choose the wrong attraction to go to.

It made me wonder if other “climbs” were worth the “view”.
For many things I have put too much energy into getting there and in the end it was not worth it.
Some of the jobs I had.
Some of the friendship I tried to maintain.
Some of my personal struggles.

Have you ever put too much energy into something and in the end it wasn’t really worth it?

6 thoughts on “Was the view worth the climb?

  1. Yeah I totally do that all the time. I’m pretty sure I got nothing out the 2 years I scrapbooked. I can also think of plenty of relationships that I wasted time on. I have two ex-fiances after all. C’est la vie. But I hear you on the hiking thing. I always think it sounds like a good idea and regret it about half way through the hike. lol


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