First judgements

He and me don’t have the same taste in music.
I can’t necessarily blame him. Backstreet boys is not everyone’s thing 😉
But we do invite each other to explore different music tastes.

He collects LPs and recently got home with an R.E.M. record.
I thought I only knew of their songs, “Losing my religion”.
It was ok, but I didn’t at all feel the need to listen to 10 other of their songs.
“Let’s try”, he suggested. From that moment, I don’t know what happened.
It might have been the entire relaxed atmosphere with gentle rain tapping against the window and me playing a Sudoku puzzle, but I fel in love with the music.

My first judgement was completely wrong.

It’s often said to trust our first instincts.
Does this mean we shouldn’t waste our precious time and give that second chance?
How often have you judged someone on first appearance?
Or even worse, before even meeting them?
Maybe on their education, gender or background.
And how small did you feel when you were judged based on such factors?

Unfortunately, I have experienced this more than once.
Engineer, thus not the social type.
Female, thus not a real engineer.
Eastern European, thus not properly educated.

But I have judged too.
Or, actually we judged each other, this girl and me.
I thought she was arrogant and she thought I was not nice (she used another word back then 😉 ).

We ignored each other, until the school put us in the chess team for an important tournament.
We had no choice but practicing together.
Carefully we started mentioning our other hobbies.
Drawing. Acting. Writing. Music. Movies. Film making.

Who would have thought we ended up being friends.
Our 2nd chance we had was more forced, but I am glad someone in the universe decided this. 🙂

6 thoughts on “First judgements

  1. I’ve had the same experience of the universe forcing a second chance on me, and she’s been one of my closest friends ever since – it’s been over thirty years now! And I was the one who thought she was “not very nice” lol
    Strange how we sometimes feel we already know the answers when we haven’t yet heard the question.

  2. I love REM! And about judging others, unfortunately it happens daily. We just have to make sure we put our best foot forward and if someone doesn’t like us, it’s their problem!

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