I have a love-hate  relationship with going to the hairdresser.

Worse than worry of  “Isn’t she going to mess up my hair?”, is the small talk you have to do, the songs on the radio you don’t like and the terrible magazines they make you read.
Not to mention the sound of 4 blow dryers at once or the neighborhood gossip lady who gives her latest “observations”.

Then there’s always angst which hair dresser is actually going to work with your hair.
You don’t want the young girl, because she might be too inexperienced.
You don’t want do older woman, because she might be just very slow.

And before it all begins, they serve you a delayed cup of instant coffee which now has gotten cold.

Now, there are some good moments too.
It’s always exciting to have a peek on how others haircuts ended up.
People will provide (=complain) you about the latest news.
And my personal highlight, the hair washing.

I have been struggling with restless legs syndrome.
The one thing that has proved very healing are head massages.
I don’t know why those seem to be closely connected, but it works 😉

The hair washing, including the unintended hair massage, are my moment to relax.

Everything went well until another person sat down next to me.
Unlike me, she was didn’t need to relax. She started talking about her super duper fun weekend, loudly.

Moment ruined.

How do you feel about going to the hair dresser?

16 thoughts on “Hairdresser

  1. Once you find a good one… hang on for dear life. I love mine, but yes… idle talk… *ugh* acknowledge good intent. Be curious. And know that there is an end. 🙃


  2. It’s the small talk that I dislike the most! I never know what to say!!! I haven’t been to a hairdresser in more than a year, I usually just beg my friend to even out my ends for me. Lol


  3. I love it when the chair has a massage function when you’re getting your hair washed. Head massage and chair massage are the best bits. I don’t love the small talk but I can make chit chat. The worst bit is the showing you and you having to say “yes I love it” even when you don’t really like it? She can’t stick your hair back on. And when you leave you’ve got hair stuck on your face!

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  4. I love head massages and am going for one tomorrow 🙂

    I found a great hairdresser who I usually stick with and she is the same age as me and we can chat for ages. Circumstances mean I have now been unfaithful to her for my last two haircuts 😦
    I had my hair cut in Manchester when I had time to kill in August, she was OK and did a good job.
    Then, back at home I tried a new place. This lady was young and attractive (not necessarily a bonus for a shy chap like me) and did a great job. I’m not sure I really needed to hear about her abusive ex but if she felt better for telling me then that is fine – though I was a bit worried about her getting angry when she had scissors in her hand 🙂


    1. Ah! Enjoy the massage!
      As for the being shy thing, don’t. Any nice girl would be happy to talk to you! Just make a flattering compliment, like “you have a nice smile”. No one can resist something like that!

      I used to be shy with the opposite gender. But i will One of my secrets for someone to notice you.:
      Make sure you have funny ringtone when get a text (mine was “excuse me boss, you have a text message”).
      It would make anyone laugh.
      I’d sent myself a text, he’d look up and we would have a conversation.
      Success garentueed!

      Plus if youre british (are you?) your accent is a plus. Any foreign lady falls for that 🙂

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      1. 🙂
        I am British, yes. But as I live in Britain the accent doesn’t work! Besides, I’m married and not looking for anything other than friendship (most of my friends are female – I just don’t like male company much). I have noticed that women from overseas are drawn to me though – maybe that is the accent?!
        The shyness has eased a lot recently anyway, thankfully, and I’m making lots of new friends both on here and in real life.


      2. Ah ok! Then my advice isn’t needed for. I understand how you prefer women over men. Ive been among men mostly due to my career. But female company is nice from time to time 🙂


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