12 thoughts on “Awake for 20 hours now 

  1. That really sucks! My brother was in the Army and once had to stay awake for 72 hours for training. He started hallucinating. Yay 🇨🇦!!

  2. Just visiting, unfortunately.
    This might sound very close minded, but I don’t have great desire to visit many countries. Mainly due because I don’t handle hot weather very well and I don’t handle certain foods very well.
    Canada and Northern Canada are therefore perfect for me, plus I love the nature 🙂
    As for Europe, I like to go on shorter city trips

  3. Omg I’ve met my soul mate. I also hate travelling – my cut off is like 4 days max before I need to get home to my dog and smoke a J. I hate airports, waiting, tourists and sleeping without my pillow.

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